Third party input method industry analysis, baidu input method into the industry benchmark, popular

The third-party input method industry has experienced n years of innovation, from “tool products” to “Internet products” at the beginning. Most of the minority input methods have been eliminated. Now, on the big ship of 5g and AI, input methods have become “Ai products”, which can not keep up with this trend or innovative input methods are being replaced again In the competitive pattern of oligopoly, only Sogou, iFLYTEK and Baidu are left in the market. The number of users of these three input methods accounts for 90% of the users of the input method market. The rest of the input methods are just waiting to leave the market. In the past few years, the user’s input method of “searching for a large number of dogs” is still not as good as that of the “original” input method Quite high. < p > < p > iFLYTEK input method is well-known. With the highlight of “voice input”, iFLYTEK has become famous in the third-party input market. It has been innovating for such a long time. It has been committed to improving the accuracy of speech recognition. It is a real king in the field of voice input. Compared with the two “predecessors”, baidu input method comes later, but its strength can not be underestimated. Otherwise, it can not form a tripartite situation. Baidu input method is committed to the field of “full sensory input”, and has successively launched new AI functions such as handwriting in the air, AR expression, etc., so that users can really break through the shackles of the original “text input” in voice input Compared with iFLYTEK, its strength is comparable to iFLYTEK, but its functional diversity in other aspects is far more than iFLYTEK input method. Compared with Sogou input method, I think Baidu input method is not better than Sogou input method except “young”. Moreover, youth is also an advantage. < / P > < p > in China, we forecast the future of the third-party input method. In the future, the young “generation Z” will become an important part of the third-party input method users, and its proportion has been increasing. Therefore, regardless of the functionality of the input method, the input method industry should first cater to the aesthetic needs of young people in terms of content, play, version and appearance. After all, who doesn’t like it On the one hand, baidu input method has done a good job. Baidu input method continues the previous keyboard skin design ideas and cooperates with well-known IP manufacturers. This time, it chooses Logitech, Rog, cherry, etc. to cooperate, bringing many kinds of keyboard skin with high appearance, rich lighting effect and even excellent touch, such as ripple, laser, imprint, etc Flame, from the name alone can feel the touch of technology and blood. According to other data in < / P > < p >, with the advent of 5g era, speech input stands out, winning the favor of everyone because of its high efficiency, ease of work, recognizable dialect, multi scene applicability and increasing recognition accuracy. At present, it has 250 million users and the utilization rate is close to 40%. The vigorous development trend of voice input is clear at a glance. In this respect, Baidu has the world’s leading voice technology. Benefited from this, the speech input of Baidu input method also has ultra-high accuracy. The offline Chinese English speech recognition system of Baidu input method adopts Chinese and English hybrid modeling technology, and proposes a Chinese English smlta model based on low frame rate and low bit, in which neural network language model is used to replace the traditional n-ary language The model greatly reduces the volume of offline recognition model. At the same time, the offline Chinese English speech recognition system based on smlta is the first product deployment of the end-to-end offline speech recognition model based on attention, which greatly improves the performance of offline Chinese and English speech recognition system. < / P > < p > conclusion: in the torrent of the input method industry, those who can stand firm are the strong ones, those who can constantly innovate are also the strong ones, and those who can deeply consider from the perspective of users are the stronger ones. And these Baidu input methods have all achieved this goal. I believe that Baidu input method can take the title of industry benchmark in the future and do better. Counterpoint announced top 5 best selling models: domestic iPhone 11 tops the list