This is environmental protection, Xiaomi officially announced! IPhone 12’s environmental “lies” uncovered

On October 14, Apple’s autumn conference was finally held, and the iPhone 12, which Apple fans were looking forward to, unveiled four iPhone 12 series phones in one breath, leaving hundreds of millions of apple powder users with a lot of choice. After nearly 10 days of waiting, it is widely rumored in the network that the first batch of successfully ordered new machines has come. Many people begin to share the joy of getting new machines on social platforms. < / P > < p > frankly speaking, the popularity of Apple’s iPhone 12 is expected, which can be felt from the course of previous years. However, this year’s adjustment of some functions and accessories of Apple has made professionals and some users dissatisfied. In the eyes of Li Nan, a former Meizu executive who is a professional, Apple’s new iPhone 12 Pro has not narrowed its screen border, but has enlarged its visual field effect. Frankly speaking, Apple’s handling of the screen border is regressive. In addition, due to Apple’s “new regulations on environmental protection”, some users also complained bitterly about Apple. The users who received the new machine only received a mobile phone and a data line in the reduced packaging box, which was slightly shabby. < / P > < p > the so-called “new environmental protection regulation” of apple is that apple, out of consideration of environmental protection, cancels the chargers and earphones that should have been given to users, so as to eliminate unnecessary waste at the source. Apple’s response to this is not taboo, frankly, the user’s home already has. However, in the eyes of analysts and competitors, Apple’s new regulation can be regarded as a “lie”. Xiaomi’s overseas account has also made an article to satirize, saying that the mobile phone without charger is a nightmare. Samsung has had similar taunts. < p > < p > of course, what makes Apple look worse is what analysts say. It is understood that two analysts expressed doubts about this. One thinks that this is obviously beneficial to the good-looking financial statements of apple, while the other bluntly points out that Apple’s practice is not of great significance to environmental protection. If users purchase separately, they may generate more emissions, which will be transferred to other companies. However, for cook and apple, this is a good thing to kill three birds with one stone. First of all, apple is making contributions to environmental protection with its actions and gaining public praise from users. Secondly, on the issue of whether to send or not, we should objectively enhance the popularity of Apple iPhone and ensure the exposure rate of the product. Finally, it also reduces the corresponding cost for apple, and can obtain high profit by selling alone. Indeed, cook is a very qualified businessman. What we didn’t expect was that Xiaomi began to take further actions after he made a mockery of Apple’s new deal. Xiaomi officially announced on overseas social media that in the future, Xiaomi will reduce plastic application by 60% in the external packaging of products. I didn’t directly say whether it would cancel the accessories like apple, but from the pictures that were exposed, there were a lot of mobile phone accessories. Many netizens think that millet is really environmental protection. < / P > < p > indeed, compared with the practice of Xiaomi and apple, millet is more direct and sincere. After all, reducing the application of plastic is an obvious environmental protection measure, which is also a real environmental protection measure. Of course, this is also good for Xiaomi. On the one hand, it can enhance Xiaomi’s overseas popularity and highlight the social responsibility of the enterprise. On the other hand, this move also “debunk” Apple’s so-called environmental “lies.”. If you add in what analysts said before, then Apple’s new environmental regulations will not hold water. < / P > < p > it is worth mentioning that in the charger sales list of an e-commerce platform, Apple’s official charger sales ranked first, with 360000 people having purchase records. In addition, according to the profit calculation given by a well-known digital blogger, the profit of a charger is more than 100 yuan, which means that the profit on a single accessory of Apple may exceed 30 million yuan. Originally, selling accessories is also a money making business. < / P > < p > it has to be said that under cook’s helm, Apple has become more and more like a businessman, and its market value is constantly rising. However, it has lost the user experience of the era of jobs. It has taken most of the profits from the mobile phone market, and it is not enough to reduce the accessories. It is inevitable that people will doubt his fundamental purpose. The small state-owned enterprises still have no praise for the loss of domestic brands. Fifth personality will be updated, please remember your game account, otherwise you may not be able to play normally