This is how the dreamy and beautiful photo of light painted human figures was taken~

Light painting, using colorful light source as “brush”, using long exposure mode of camera, plays various wonderful patterns in the dark. So, when light painting meets a portrait, how should it be taken? < p > < p > fluorescent rods, laser lamps, flashlights, mobile phone flashlights, and burning steel balls can be used as light sources. To put it bluntly, light painting photography is actually a long-term exposure of photographic works by using the real dark environment as the background and the light painter’s own imagination and creativity. The easiest way is to choose a dark room or an outdoor scene away from the ambient light at night. < / P > < p > in order to get more creative shooting effect, more attention should be paid to the selection of shooting scenes, such as water reflection, night sky and other places. < / P > < p > because the exposure time of photo photography is more than 100 seconds in many cases, the small aperture state of the lens should be used to prevent overexposure. However, if the aperture is too small, it will affect the image quality to a certain extent. Therefore, the most commonly used aperture is F18 instead of F22, which is the smallest lens, unless the ambient light brightness is strong or the exposure time for photo photography is too long. Of course, for beginners, in order to extend the exposure time and avoid overexposure, you can also add a nd filter in front of the lens to extend the exposure time. In terms of sensitivity control, the lowest sensitivity of the camera is generally used as far as possible, because too high sensitivity will speed up the exposure time, which is easy to cause overexposure of the picture and increase the image noise. < / P > < p > the focus mode option is set to MF, and then focus the character. If you can’t see the person, ISO can be set to automatic first, and then set the ISO to the lowest after manual focusing. < / P > < p > in order to ensure the normal color of the image, it is generally recommended to use the custom white balance to measure the color temperature of the ambient light before shooting. If you are afraid of color difference caused by the color change of the light source after light painting, it is better to use raw format to shoot when photographing, so as to facilitate the color adjustment of photo photography pictures in the later stage. < / P > < p > after setting up the camera, determining the composition of the picture and the pattern needed for light drawing, the formal photo photography can be carried out. The general steps are as follows: adjust the camera shooting mode to m gear, then adjust the shutter speed to B gate mode, use the reflector pre lift function to avoid camera vibration, and then use the remote control to open the camera shutter to start exposure. At this time, the light painter can quickly use various light sources to paint in front of the lens according to their own thought, and then use the remote control after painting Close the shutter and end the exposure, so that a photo photograph is finished. < / P > < p > here, we particularly mention the use of flash. After setting the parameters, the character will be in a state of immobility after posing in the exposure time. As long as the character moves slightly during the shooting process, it will produce the effect of dragging shadow, which is also a relatively difficult point. Therefore, we can use the rear curtain of the flash to synchronously “fix” to get a clear figure after light drawing The flash plays a supplementary role. < / P > < p > in photo photography, painting must be done in one go, without any procrastination and stagnation. If the light source stagnates somewhere, it may cause overexposure of the picture. For players who are first exposed to photo photography, in order to ensure a success in shooting, they can use a pen to skillfully draw on the paper before shooting, and determine all strokes After the trajectory, actually shoot. If the background of the picture is too dark or the light drawing track is too dark, you can appropriately increase the brightness of the light source or slow down the speed of painting; otherwise, you need to reduce the brightness or speed up the painting. < / P > < p > I believe that you will encounter the problem of local overexposure when taking photos at night, because the scene has relatively large light. For example, the ground and lights are high light areas, and other parts are dark areas. At this time, if the bright part is measured, the dark part must be under exposed. If the dark part is measured, the high light area will be overexposed. < / P > < p > determine the duration of occlusion according to the specific situation. For example, select the exposure for 6 seconds, then block the highlight area for 2-3 seconds, and then remove the occlusion. In the actual shooting, the harder the materials such as cardboard, plastic and black flannel are, the worse the reflective ability of the surface is, the more they are used. Even black hats and gloves can be used instead. < / P > < p > finally, let’s talk about photo photography under the starry sky. After the main picture is taken, the camera position remains unchanged, and the composition remains unchanged. The sky is exposed to shoot the sky for later synthesis. gather and watch! Huawei P40 Pro evaluation: excellent mobile phone photography elegant design, do you like it?