This is the arcade of the future: his name is the iPhone 12

On the eve of Apple’s fall launch date, news of the iPhone 12 has been pouring in. There is truth and there is falsehood! In short, this generation of iPhone 12 can be said to be Apple’s historical product line, in addition to the iPhone 4, another rather mysterious model. Why is it that the iPhone 12, which has been stripped of its essence by the media, is still mysterious? On the one hand, Apple has changed its previous style and is about to hold a press conference for the first time. It still hasn’t seen the third-party accessories with high credibility. In the past, there were already third-party accessories in circulation when the conference was held a long time ago. On the other hand, it comes from the media. Perhaps because this year is a special year, the media has paid high attention to apple. Although the iPhone 12 has not appeared, rumors about it have already spread all over the network. What is surprisingly consistent is that this model seems to be very unpopular. The reason why < / P > < p > is not optimistic may be that the node is a little sensitive now. Of course, perhaps the most important thing is that the battery life that depends on the power bank has been shrunk again. But none of this matters. What’s important is that I’ve seen that the iPhone 12 is not promising, but it doesn’t seem to prevent it from becoming a representative of the arcade in the future. The reason for this is that a well-known platform has obtained the model of iPhone 12, and Xiaobian has the honor to play with it. Although I am still not sure that this is the true appearance of iPhone 12, if it is really like the model in Xiaobian’s hand, I can only say: “ouch, it’s not bad.” < p > < p > I seemed to understand the reason for Luo Yonghao’s anger at that time when I started to use the iPhone 12 model. Although the hammer teacher, as a representative figure in the design of the right angle frame, should have a right to speak, I just want to say that the iPhone 12 is really not harsh. Maybe this is the change of the times. When the iPhone 12 was decided to use the retro and redefined right angle frame, my first impression was the iPhone 4. Looking back on the feeling when I started to use the iPhone 4, I still don’t understand why it became so harsh on the hammer? However, after careful observation of the model of the iPhone 12, I still found that it was insidious. If you look at the diagram, maybe the details have become the right angle of the hammer. However, the reason for the right angle of the iPhone 12 is that, in short, the iPhone 12 really doesn’t hurt the hand, does not hurt the hand, and the important thing is said three times. Those who say that the hand can have a rest. < / P > < p > after confirming that the hand feeling is not very bad, but has been improved to a certain extent, I am completely relieved that the only thing that worries me is my wallet, which seems that he has never been enriched. However, on the contrary, I am very willing to pay for the iPhone 12 flagship generation, because there is a subtle feeling when playing with the model. Therefore, I have to sigh that even if Apple is so powerful, it has to comply with the changes of the times. What I feel most deeply about this generation of flagship is that Apple has become more and more grounded. Although in this big screen is bound to be the future trend of the era, the major manufacturers have done enough in the big, but really can take into account the user group and both sides of the consideration in addition to apple. < / P > < p > this generation of aircraft is once again launched on the basis of “Humanities and technology”, with larger ones being bigger and smaller ones being smaller. Compared with Apple’s previous lineup of three models, the iPhone 12 Pro has the same screen size as the iPhone 12 max, while the body size is close to that of the iPhone 11 pro. The 6.1-inch screen with a lightweight fuselage may be the first choice for small screen flagship party. On the other end of the big screen, the screen size of the iPhone 12 Pro Max has come to 6.7 inches. In short, it is the same sentence that Apple should be big and small. This series of models seems to represent that Apple has officially lowered its arrogant head and began to try to meet the needs of the market. However, compared with other competitors, Apple seems to have been very close to the market. < / P > < p > in other aspects, you can leave comments in the comment area. In a word, although the world has been changing, Apple has not changed at the same time. The review of the original intention of this generation of models and the outlook for the future may be the moral that Apple wants to convey to each user through its products. Xiaomi new machine real machine exposure center dig hole screen design or high color thousand yuan machine