This is the best wireless charging board? After several years, I finally showed up and heard that the function was very powerful

From the PPT appearance at the iPhone x conference, to the subsequent cancellation, and then to the project restart, airpower is finally about to officially debut. Recently, Komiya, a well-known informant, announced the packaging box of airpower and exposed some key parameters. Earlier, when exposing the program of Apple’s autumn launch, the big God made it clear that air power was included in the new products. < / P > < p > on September 12, 2017, iPhone x, the 10th anniversary version of Apple mobile phone, came on stage. After years of make complaints about the lack of iPhone innovation, apple finally came up with a new product with subversive features. Compared with the previous digital series of iPhones, the main changes of iPhone x include that the appearance design has become a full screen, the screen material has been replaced by Samsung OLED panel, the touch ID has been replaced by face ID, and the charging power has been increased to the maximum of 18W, and wireless charging support has been added. < / P > < p > in general, since both the iPhone X and iPhone 8 series support wireless charging, Apple should launch a corresponding wireless charger. So, at this conference, Apple announced the airpower wireless charger. Its main advantage is that it can charge the iPhone, airpods and apple watch at the same time. At the time, apple said it would go on sale in 2018. However, the product has not even been abandoned by apple. In March 2019, Dan Riccio, senior vice president of apple, officially admitted that the airpower plan had been suspended. He said: < / P > < p > after hard work, we came to the conclusion that airpower could not meet our high standards, so the plan had to be cancelled. We apologize to the consumers who are looking forward to the product launch. But we still believe that the future belongs to wireless technology, and we will be committed to promoting the development of wireless experience. < / P > < p > from Apple’s explanation, airpower was abandoned because it failed to meet the expected standard, but the official did not further explain what the problem was that caused airpower to run aground. However, on this point, we can get a glimpse from some previous media reports and Revelations from various channels. In June 2018, the company pointed out in an article that the airpower engineering machine had a serious overheating problem, and its chips could not communicate with the charged device. < / P > < p > on the surface, it is not difficult to make a wireless charger capable of charging multiple devices at the same time. As long as enough coils are integrated, many wireless charging products on the market are designed in this way. But Apple obviously doesn’t think so. The coils on airpower are stacked in a staggered way, trying to cover every area on the charging board, so that Apple products can be charged at any location. < / P > < p > at the same time, airpower also carries a series of chips, and may even integrate systems similar to IOS to realize communication with charging devices and realize more diversified functions. For example, when three devices are charged at the same time, when a message is received, airpower will let the device with the most power to display the message according to the power information. In this way, airpower is not only a charging accessory, but also an intelligent product. However, the difficulty of airpower’s completion has risen sharply. The fever may be just one of the many difficulties faced by apple. < / P > < p > but just when everyone was disappointed that airpower was abandoned, things turned around again. In September of last year, apple applied for a new radio patent, seemingly studying a new generation of wireless charging devices. In June this year, another well-known blogger, Jon Prosser, released a spy photo of airpower. The photo shows an airpods battery pack and an apple watch on an airpower, both of which are charging normally. At the same time, according to the news from the industry chain, airpower was abandoned because the apple watch could not be charged normally. Unlike the iPhone, the wireless charging function of Apple watch adopts private protocol, and the current is higher, which directly leads to airpower unable to solve the heating problem. < / P > < p > it is said that the newly exposed airpower is internally codenamed “C68”, and apple has solved its heating problem. It’s a bit of a pity that it didn’t officially appear in the first half of this year, although there were a lot of news that it would be released at that time. < / P > < p > first of all, in terms of appearance, airpower has little difference from the official rendering at the beginning. The white color is similar to the oval appearance, and there is no particularly high recognition, but the appearance is still very high. < / P > < p > secondly, the leaked package information shows that it is equipped with a charging head power of 30W and a charging line with dual C ports. This reveals several key points. First, the total output power of airpower is less than 30W, which is not high, but it can fully meet the needs of existing Apple devices. For reference, the maximum wireless charging power of iPhone is 7.5W, the charging power of airpods Pro is 2W, and the charging power of Apple watch is below 5W. < / P > < p > it is worth mentioning that in early August, Apple’s official website updated a 30W power adapter, which is also the C port. It can not be seen that it is different from the old model in appearance, but it may be that some adjustments have been made to airpower. < / P > < p > secondly, the USB C interface of airpower is still a little incomprehensible. Although Apple has been pushing USB C port on MAC series products, lightning interface has always existed on IOS devices. One of the most intuitive benefits of Apple’s insistence on lighting is that it can grab more profits through the MiFi protocol. Similarly, accessories strongly related to IOS devices have been using lightning interface, such as airpods and the first generation Apple pencil. < / P > < p > however, most of Apple devices that support wireless charging have nothing to do with port C. if Apple does this now, it is probably preparing for a full-scale switch to port C in the future. Apple is likely to change the interface of its new iPhone to C-Port from next year, due to the requirements of European Union and other regional regulatory authorities. There may even be a more radical approach, that is, the iPhone eliminates the exposed physical charging interface, and uses wireless mode for data transmission and charging. No matter which way Apple will use next year, it is basically certain that Apple will use USB C port to unify all its products in the future. Perhaps, at that time, Apple users only need a dual C-Port cable. The reason why the Android charging campaign is mainly in this field. Although wireless charging technology has been used in smart phones for a long time, it has been a trend since the release of iPhone X. However, from the perspective of airpower, Apple’s direction in wireless charging is to charge multiple devices at the same time and make wireless charging more intelligent. < / P > < p > in the Android camp, the direction of major manufacturers is obviously to increase power and speed up charging rate. At the beginning of this year, Xiaomi 10 series brought 30W wireless fast charging, and the practicability of wireless charging was suddenly revealed. Later, oppo ACE2, which appeared on the stage, raised the wireless charging power to 40W, and it could be fully charged in less than an hour. The charging rate has been suspended from the wired fast charging of the iPhone 11. < / P > < p > after entering the second half of the year, domestic manufacturers are more fierce in wireless charging technology. Oppo brought 65W wireless fast charging technology when it launched 125w technology. Xiaomi 10 supreme commemorative version just released two days ago also piled wireless charging power to 50W. According to these data, it is not difficult to see that even if mobile phones are to enter the “wireless” world in the future, domestic manufacturers such as oppo Xiaomi are more likely to take the lead in realizing this. < / P > < p > after comparison, we can draw the conclusion that Apple’s wireless charging development direction is its own school. Interestingly, Apple also insisted on not following the trend on smart speakers. Although homepod is called “smart speaker”, its intelligence is not the same as that of competitors. Homepod focuses on sound quality, and monitors the placement of equipment through various algorithms and dynamically adjusts it to achieve the best effect of external extension. However, the intelligence of voice assistant is ignored by competitors. However, the sound quality of the smart speaker launched by Google Amazon Xiaomi is not the focus, but as the experimental carrier of its own AI technology, and it is expected to lay out its own smart home system through it. However, Apple’s smart speaker takes sound quality as its selling point, while airpower takes intelligence as its goal. Both products have gone out of the same way as their competitors. But judging from the sales data, homepod is definitely not a success, more like an expensive ticket. As for airpower, the price of its exposure is not too unreasonable, but if you want to really impress users, I’m afraid it needs to bring out more things that make people feel stronger; at the same time, it also needs products such as iPhone, which can greatly improve the wireless charging power. New product launch

Author: zmhuaxia