This is the style of photography, in the street with lines and light and shadow composition, and film sense

German photographer Hyun de Grande is a film practitioner. On his social media account, we can see his photography works. There are many similarities between film and photography. Film and photography are both visual arts. There are many intersections in the performance of pictures, composition and the use of light. Quite a lot of big directors in the history of film always insist on photography creation, and also occupy an important position in the history of photography. < / P > < p > for example, the Soviet film director Tarkovsky, whose Polaroid photo albums are popular in the category of photographic books all the year round. Iranian director Abbas, his photography works are created in the form of black and white photography. The black and white mountains and deserts of Iran have a strong epic style. < p > < p > today’s German Korean photographer Hyun de Grande introduced some of his ideas in film work into his photographic creation. From his photos, we first feel that the picture of the photo has a “cinematic sense”. The source of this feeling is that the proportion of the picture frame of the photo is different from that of our daily use of camera or mobile phone. < / P > < p > the normal ratio of 135 cameras, or that of today’s mainstream SLR and micro SLR cameras is about 3:2, while most movies have a picture frame of 2.35:1. Such a ratio may not have much sense in the number, but the pictures look very different. < / P > < p > the overall picture width of the film picture is relatively wide, which means that more space and content structure arrangement need to be considered in the process of picture composition and shooting. In the background of widening, the horizontal space of the composition increases sharply. How to fill and utilize such space is placed in front of Hyun de Grande. His method is to use lines and light to structure the increased widened part. < / P > < p > there are two results of this. One is that lines, as composition elements, can guide the line of sight and guide the distant spatial lines to the visual center of the picture. This process makes the picture which has already increased the space have a broader and far-reaching visual sense. Secondly, the changing structure of light and shadow helps to increase the depth and space of the picture. The strengthening of light and shadow contrast forms a sense of rhythm. The picture with rhythm and space as “film proportion” has a natural story. From the perspective of content, the photography creation of Hyun de Grande still belongs to the category of street photography. Most of the shots are about urban life, buildings and people, urban lighting and living space. In Hyun de Grande’s works, the use of film frame size is his image expression strategy. < / P > < p > if there are other features, a sense of future and a sense of technology is a major feature of the photos of Hyun de Grande. In the photos, we can often see direct and strong line composition. This straight line and sharp and strong texture adds to the sense of visual technology. The relatively single cold metal tone also highlights a certain sense of indifference and distance. < / P > < p > there are still some orange colors in the picture that are not common in daily life, and they are absolute protagonists. This makes people think of the pictures in the movies and reveal a little bit of cyberpunk texture. The so-called cyberpunk is shooting through photography, which tends to reflect a sense of modernity, technology and future in the light, composition and later stage of photography Color contrast with cyan orange, blue and purple contrast to strengthen the outstanding effect of color. Also often used in the HDR effect and haze effect of various methods. < p > < p > on the whole, the tips of Hyun de Grande’s creation can be used for reference in the setting of the picture frame of the photo. We can change the composition of the picture through the secondary composition in the later stage. In addition, in the composition of photography, the comprehensive use of lines and light to structure the picture, such lines can come from the space structure of buildings and light and shadow in life. Xiaomi new machine real machine exposure center dig hole screen design or high color thousand yuan machine