This phenomenon is very strange! IPhone 12 delayed launch, fruit powder is particularly calm

IPhone 12 delayed for weeks! Two days ago, when I saw this news, I couldn’t help crying out in the office, and my colleagues were shocked. Unexpectedly, when I read out the news, my colleagues laughed at me mercilessly, saying that I was a fuss

this kind of scene is a little strange. You know, Apple’s press conference has always been called the “Spring Festival Gala of the scientific and technological circles”. Before the press conference, a large number of people stayed up late to watch and comment on all kinds of prediction articles before the press conference. Now why do people become “indifferent”?

asked my colleagues, why don’t you care about Apple now? They said that because Apple is no longer “rare”, you can buy it at will, and it is very cheap in pinduoduo, which is only more than 4000.

after a brief summary, we can find that apple is not as popular as it used to be. First, the rise of domestic mobile phones such as Huawei and Xiaomi has surpassed apple in some fields. For example, Apple’s 5g model has not yet come into the market, and Huawei’s users there have used 5g for a year.

second, Apple has become an acceptable price for ordinary people, and it has lost a sense of “mystery”. For example, on pinduoduo, the latest price of the flagship iPhone 11, released in September last year, is 4189 yuan. In 618 more than a month ago, some netizens even bought the iPhone 11 with “less than 4000 yuan” on pinduoduo.

after all, it’s not that the quality of Apple phones is bad, but that Chinese consumers are becoming more and more rational. Mobile phone mobile phone mobile phone is becoming more and more powerful. Apple mobile phone has a complete substitute. Besides, it has been making awesome subsidies and not worrying about Apple mobile phone not reducing price. It is better to pay more attention to Apple’s new product release than to pay more attention to the price reduction.

so today’s China is no longer the era of “selling kidneys and buying iPhones”. We can see from our attitude this time. It’s really happy to think about it. Straight screen S20! Samsung Galaxy S20 Fe exposure: 1Hz high brush + snapdragon 865