This super factory is so smart, beyond your imagination

Through the ecological collaboration of industrial Internet, the “cloud control center” of super Factory integrates 10 information management systems, such as SAP, PLM, MES, SRM, les and SCADA, to realize transparent dynamic monitoring of the whole value chain operation process from design end to manufacturing end and equipment end. < / P > < p > the 5g network of the super factory is fully covered to realize the interconnection of everything in the smart park. To open up the physical world and data world, and form a seamless connection across the cloud and across the domain. Relying on the intelligent management system of production, office and life, it can realize video live broadcast, intelligent translation, face recognition, multimedia conference, sharing cloud disk and other non stuck and zero delay. < / P > < p > the raw materials of the sheet are put into the warehouse by the stacker intelligently, and automatically delivered to the corresponding plate cutting station. The laser cutting machine or the punching and shearing compound machine are used for accurate blanking. The cutting accuracy of the plate is 0.2mm, which is equivalent to only 2 sheets of A4 paper thickness, and the material utilization rate is more than 90%. The measurement accuracy of body frame size can reach micron level. < / P > < p > look, the profile automatic cutting robot is cutting the profile automatically and orderly; the welding robot is dancing, completing the welding work through “rhythmic” points and jumps; the vehicle framework assembly robot is installing with its powerful “big palm” < / P > < p > the large sections of the body can be automatically transported from the parts workshop to the welding workshop. The whole process can realize the unmanned operation and realize intelligent translation, transportation, positioning and assembly All materials can be accurately delivered to the assembled tire point-to-point. After automatic positioning, the assembly of the 6-sided body of the body is completed, which makes the assembly of the whole vehicle frame safer and more efficient. < / P > < p > a number of intelligent warehouse management systems, such as automatic warehouse and AGV sorting and distribution system, digital transportation system, automatic data correction of unit goods, etc., are adopted to realize perfect intelligent and information management of warehouse. Continue ReadingVideo Number assistant internal test online! Four functions let you send 1g video on the computer

Author: zmhuaxia