This time, tiktok did not follow the US. Morrison was shaking his voice. Personally confirmed that Australia will not ban, there is no evidence of abuse of user information

‘obviously we will continue to focus on tiktok, but there is no evidence to date that tiktok needs to be banned,’ Morrison said on Wednesday at the Aspen security forum. There is no sign that Australia’s security interests have been compromised or Australian citizens have been harmed.

on Monday, U.S. President trump said that if tiktok fails to complete the sale before September 15, tiktok will be banned in the United States, and other Chinese applications and services may also become targets of the ban. In addition, trump said the US government would take a large “Commission” from the deal.

Trump banned the tiktok TikTok news. Recently, a #savetiktok dance challenge was launched on the TikTok platform, hoping to gather more signatures of petitioners to defend the international version of the jitter.

“everyone dances like a chicken with its head cut off.” Hope SCHWING, 22, said he currently has eight million fans on the platform.

tiktok has become a very important part of my life. It is a safe place, which is very suitable for emotional expression. In order to continue using tiktok, some users have now provided tips on how to use VPN to make you look like you are accessing the application from another country. Others have threatened to pack up and move to countries where tiktok is licensed. It’s a powerful app that combines a variety of elements that appeal to us. ”

the user base of tiktok is very large. In addition to getting 100 million users in the U.S. market, tiktok has already captured 800 million users in the world, and has been ranked the first in application platform download for many times. It is currently the fastest growing short video platform.

after US President trump threatened to ban tiktok, short video applications such as byte and Triller immediately rose in the Apple App store. These new competitors are actively fighting for tiktok users.

Triller is a music and video application that looks similar to tiktok. Several tiktok celebrities have opened accounts in Triller over the weekend. “It’s 24 hours of sleeplessness,” says Hollywood veteran cavano Mr. cavano’s film production company, Proxima media, has invested in Triller.

byte was founded by Kevin Hoffman, co-founder of vine, and a spokesperson for the company also said that a large number of creators have been seen registering accounts on their apps.

these new competitors, such as byte and Triller and other tiktok like short video service applications, are actively wooing tiktok users, especially the top Internet Celebrities. In some cases, in order to win these users, they will provide cash rewards to content creators.

the founders of the short video app rush also said that they launched the service last week, a few months ahead of schedule, and they hope that clash can attract online celebrities on tiktok platform. Those who rely on tiktok for a living are becoming increasingly anxious. Baidu continues to work on quantum computing to lay a solid foundation for new infrastructure construction

Author: zmhuaxia