This will be the lightest notebook in Huawei’s history

Notebook computer, to put it bluntly, is a suitcase. Manufacturers try to plug in the CPU, graphics card, memory, hard disk, power supply and other hardware of the host computer. < p > < p > in the past decade, there have been a variety of “thin books” on the market. We see more and more people working in high-speed rail, airplanes, cafes and other places. < / P > < p > for example, for a picture of the same size in PPT, the ratio of 3:2 can present 96%, while the screen of 16:9 can only present 74%. < / P > < p > you see, unlike the previous design of a metal shell encasing the screen, the matebook x is a groundbreaking way to suspend the screen on top of the a-shell. < p > < p > matebook x changes the “mouth” touch panel with four closed edges into a “door” shape, making the sliding experience more unrestricted. < / P > < p > but that’s not the most important thing. This touchpad has a bright spot worth blowing up – it uses a pressure touchpad design. < p > < p > for example, Huawei cloud space can automatically synchronize the “desktop” and “documents” folder on your computer. Privacy Policy