Three 5g flagship aircrafts, with good reputation, strong performance and good experience, can basically fight for three years

In 2020, the mobile phone field will be continuously innovated, and the quantity and quality of 5g mobile phones will be improved by leaps and bounds. There are many choices from medium and low-end mobile phones to high-end phones, and the configuration can also meet the needs of users. When consumers choose, they often want to shop around, which makes them dazzled. If you want to buy 5g flagship aircraft, xiaom recommends the following three, which can basically be used for three years without pressure.

Xiaomi 10 is one of the earlier models with snapdragon 865 processor. Compared with some other models, Xiaomi 10 is quite popular. The front of the machine adopts a 90hz AMOLED screen, which makes you feel smooth and pleasant when you use it. Both the chirality and sensitivity are good. The rear of Xiaomi 10 is equipped with four cameras and 100 million pixels, which is not only amazing in digital terms, but also uses 1 / 1.33 large photosensitive element to support OIS anti shake, so the effect is not disappointing. The camera also supports 8K video, AI video editing and other functions, which can basically meet the needs of photography enthusiasts.

the core configuration of Xiaomi 10 is the snapdragon 865 processor, and it is equipped with mainstream lpddr5 memory. However, ufs3.1 is not used in flash memory, but the performance is still good. Multitasking and various large-scale games are no exception. The battery capacity of this machine is relatively large in the field of mobile phones, which is close to 4800 Ma, so there is no need to worry about power consumption.

the cost performance of redmi K30 Pro is obvious to all. It is really attractive to reduce the snapdragon 865 to 2K. If you don’t like front punching, the full screen of AMOLED pop-up lens is just enough for you, but there is no high brush, which may be a pity for game fans. Redmi K30 Pro also has four cameras in the rear. The main camera uses imx686 sensor, which not only has clear image quality, but also can clearly show details with a 50 mm long focal length macro lens. However, the zoom ability is inferior to the zoom version, if you have high requirements for shooting effect, you can consider the zoom version.

surprisingly, this phone not only has a top-level processor, but also has a top-level memory and flash memory, all of which are familiar with. Taking into account the performance, the machine also takes into account the problem of heat dissipation. The built-in 7-layer graphite structure improves the heat dissipation effect. In addition, the battery life of this machine is also no problem. The 4700 Ma battery can meet the user’s needs, but the 33W fast charging is a little more difficult than the 40W fast charging of most models at present.

glory V30 Pro is one of the earlier 5g mobile phones on the market. It uses LCD screen on the front and does not have a high brush. However, the front dual camera is more attractive. After all, there are so many people who like to take selfies. The front camera has been equipped with dual camera, and the rear camera is naturally not willing to lag behind. Its rear camera adopts 4000W three shot, and the breakthrough matrix with super light camera makes it better at night shooting and can handle the dark places of photos well.

glory V30 Pro is equipped with Kirin 990 chip. Its performance is naturally not as good as that of the snapdragon 865. However, its temperature control ability is better than that of some mobile phones. Playing games for a long time will not cause obvious fever, and the performance can also meet the needs of users. In addition, the endurance of the aircraft is relatively normal, with a capacity of 4100 ma. Straight screen S20! Samsung Galaxy S20 Fe exposure: 1Hz high brush + snapdragon 865

Author: zmhuaxia