Three classic cases: let you understand the profit secret behind Microsoft, apple and Haidilao

Free business model is a business model adopted by many of the world’s top 500 companies. What we usually see most on the Internet should be for several major Internet enterprises in China. How can they finally monopolize an industry through free? So let’s take a look at how the three familiar companies became the leaders of the whole industry through free way. < / P > < p > when Windows first entered the Chinese market, the whole market was full of pirated windows. For Microsoft, it has been turning a blind eye to this issue. Although it feels that it has taken a lot of actions, there are no substantive measures to rectify this kind of piracy. In fact, it is not that Microsoft does not have the ability to crack down on piracy, This is the strategic positioning of Microsoft itself. < / P > < p > because it’s pirated windows, it’s free. After it’s free, everyone really wants to use pirated windows, As a result, there is no way for other brands to develop in China. After all users have formed the habit, and other brands have faded out of the Chinese market, Microsoft has gradually increased its efforts to combat piracy. < p > < p > first of all, Microsoft started from the government to require the use of genuine windows system, and then gradually went deep into the computer manufacturers of major brands, and also had to use the genuine windows system. Now almost all people’s computers installed, ask is that the system is a genuine system. < / P > < p > so this is a strategic consideration of Microsoft. Although this method needs a certain amount of precipitation, it will eventually monopolize the whole market and make windows the absolute mainstream of the whole market. It is very difficult to build the second operating system in China. Of course, in addition to the strategic positioning of windows system, Microsoft also applies the same strategy to office system, so almost all of our office software now use office system. Therefore, smart Microsoft has occupied the minds of all consumers and let all competitors withdraw from the Chinese market through this free front-end piracy method, thus forming the only monopoly operating system and office software system in the whole market. Yueshang group has become the third social e-commerce service platform listed in China after being gathered in pinduoduo