Three departments: no longer implement the tax exemption and exemption regulations for 20 kinds of commodities, including TV sets, cameras, etc

According to the Ministry of finance, with the consent of the State Council, the provisions of “no matter in any way of trade, in any region, enterprise, unit or individual import, tax reduction and exemption shall be stopped” for 20 kinds of commodities from the date of announcement.

20 kinds of commodities include TV sets, cameras, video recorders, video players, audio equipment, air conditioners, refrigerators and refrigerators, washing machines, cameras, copiers, program-controlled telephone exchanges, microcomputers and peripherals, telephones, wireless paging systems, fax machines, electronic calculators, typewriters and word processors, furniture, lamps and dinners.

it is understood that China has introduced technology and mass production, which can meet the domestic needs, or the country has invested a lot, and needs to protect its normal development, and the import tax rate is basically reasonable, the tax reduction and exemption will be cancelled, and the taxation at the statutory tax rate will be resumed, and the catalogue will be listed and implemented by stages.

there are 20 kinds of commodities mentioned in it. It is suggested that tax reduction and exemption should be stopped from January 1, 1995 regardless of any trade mode, any region, enterprise, unit or individual. Huawei mate40 concept machine exposed, Kirin 1020 + curved surface full-scale screen, beauty hanging on iPhone 12