[three hits, two controls and one containment] watching live TV grab Apple mobile phone for one yuan? Maybe you just robbed a lonely

In the studio, the sweet and gentle female anchor may be a real picky. She promises to buy an Apple phone for $1 by promising to brush gifts. It may be a fraud designed by fraudsters One of the policemen in the police group who was wearing the clothes in songbing District of Harbin city was still in the room when he was sleeping on March 3. The room was littered with empty Apple phone and tablet boxes and express packages. So far, under the close interaction of Songbei police and Kwai Fu company, a network crime fraud gang that had been in a frenzy for many years was successfully knocked out. < / P > < p > “family members, brush gifts to join the fans group and administrator group, can buy an Apple phone for 1 yuan.” Late in the day of late October, before the live broadcast, a female anchor who wore exaggerated hair and masks was crying out for Kwai Tat to invite fans to join the so-called fans group and administrators group. After entering the group, they could buy the products with the relevant logo at the quick store. Of course, there is a threshold for fans to join the fan group and administrator group. For example, they can only join the administrator group by brushing a “magpie bridge” gift. The products on the shelves of small shops are quite attractive. One yuan can kill an apple mobile phone, 9.9 yuan can buy Nike sports shoes, and 1 yuan can buy 10 pairs of Antarctic socks < / P > < p > “my family, mobile phones are brand new and unopened. Look at the Internet access signs and anti-counterfeiting labels In order to create a realistic effect and dispel the doubts of fans, the anchor opened the mobile phone box to show fans a brand-new iPhone. At the end of the live broadcast, the anchor also printed “express bill number” in front of fans and packed “express package”, indicating that it would be sent out the next day. < / P > < p > with attractive products and low cost, many fans relax their vigilance and buy gifts in succession. However, none of the fans actually received the purchase. < / P > < p > “what you want is an Apple phone, what they want is a gift you brush.” In the fraud dens, police officers saw that most of the packing boxes and express packages of Apple mobile phones and tablets were empty. In other words, the low-cost Apple phones, tablet computers, brand-name shoes and socks promised by the anchor in the live room are all fake, and the printed express number and packaged package are all fake. The purpose of the anchor is to coax fans to brush gifts and then take them for themselves. According to statistics, the fraud Gang cashed in more than 110000 yuan in cash. According to the fraudsters, in order to avoid the attack, they often choose to broadcast live late at night or early in the morning. They usually wear strange clothes, wear masks, and sometimes use voice changing software, which makes people can’t see their faces or distinguish their voices. This kind of swindle trick will soon reveal the truth, fans can not receive the goods, and will complain to the platform after being cheated. After the account is sealed, the cunning fraudsters will soon be able to purchase other fast track accounts through the Kwai Chung production channel and continue to engage in fraud activities. < / P > < p > “no matter how cunning a fox is, it will show its tail.” In mid September, Harbin Songbei police joint quick platform, with the help of big data and algorithm, Kwai Mei, after in-depth analysis, identified 8 accounts for all the fraud gang. Harbin Songbei police quickly set up a special group to carry out the work of touch and platoon, and finally successfully targeted the suspects and fraud dens. In November 3rd, the Songbei police launched a unified network operation, successfully arrested the suspect Yang and Wen Mou. After interrogation, Yang and Wen can join the group to buy famous brand goods at a low price, thus luring a large number of fans to brush gifts in the live room and illegally occupy their own criminal facts. ASMC, a lithography maker, was one of TSMC’s 14 top suppliers last year