Three painters used three kinds of “cameras” to make a portrait of Zhu Yuanzhang. One of them survived the disaster and was rewarded highly

He was born in a humble family, which made him feel inferior to the emperors of noble blood. However, this did not affect Zhu Yuanzhang’s position in history. It’s true that there are not many emperors in history, but Zhu Yuanzhang was probably the only one who had been a shepherd boy, a beggar and a monk. After becoming emperor, Zhu Yuanzhang not only thought about how to let the old Zhu family enjoy the land forever, but also wanted to let the future generations see his brilliant and powerful image. However, there was no camera in ancient times, so his appearance could not be recorded realistically. However, there was a group of people in ancient times whose pens were called cameras. These people were called painters. They could draw on paper according to the appearance of the ancients. Therefore, in the Ming Dynasty, painters were not hard to find. Zhu Yuanzhang asked painters to paint for himself, hoping to see what he looked like on paper and whether he was as ugly as bronze mirrors. < p > < p > so three painters gave Zhu Yuanzhang a portrait. They used three kinds of “cameras”. Only one survived the disaster and got a high reward. The first two artists went to report to Yan Wangye. What’s the matter? Many of the ancient painters were highly skilled in painting. They were able to use the materials available at that time to draw people to life, just like the camera now. Zhao Yuan is such a painter. Since Zhu Yuanzhang wanted a painter to paint for himself, he naturally wanted to find a top painter. Zhao Yuan is such a figure. He was elected to the palace to paint for Zhu Yuanzhang. When Zhao Yuan entered the palace and met Zhu Yuanzhang, he said in his heart, “Oh, my God, there are people in the world who have such a pig’s waist face. It’s really eye opening, but it’s hard for him. With first-class painters, Zhao Yuan quickly copied Zhu Yuanzhang’s pig kidney face on paper, and then presented it to Zhu Yuanzhang. Just as Zhao Yuan was calculating how much reward he could get, Zhu Yuanzhang ordered him to be pulled out and beheaded. It turns out that Zhu Yuanzhang was also shocked by the characters in the painting. Although this is no different from that in the bronze mirror, if the painting is handed down to later generations, it will not be laughed to death by later generations, so Zhao Yuan will be killed. Zhao Yuan’s paintings failed to satisfy Zhu Yuanzhang, so he ordered people to continue to look for outstanding painters. This time, the selected artist was called Sheng Zhu, and his painter was first-class, needless to say. < p > < p > when he went into the palace to see Zhu Yuanzhang, he was also shocked by his appearance. When he was going to paint, he thought of Zhao Yuan’s fate. In the field of painters, these people were familiar with each other, and Shengzhu also knew Zhao Yuan’s painters. Therefore, his intuition told him that Zhao Yuan drew Zhu Yuanzhang too realistically. < p > < p > so when he was painting, he took his beautiful face to the extreme, such as bulging his chin, opening his eyes, and so on. All that could be beautiful was Zhu Yuanzhang. Just like the beauty camera now, it could not be seen that he was himself, and Sheng Zhu also drew Zhu Yuanzhang as an ancient beautiful man. < p > < p > Sheng Zhu thought that since Zhao Yuan’s painting was too ugly, I could get a reward for it. But Zhu Yuanzhang frowned because he didn’t see anything similar to himself in the painting. As a result, it can be imagined that Sheng Zhu also received a box lunch of beheading from Zhu Yuanzhang. After killing two painters in succession, the story of Zhu Yuanzhang ordering people to draw portraits has also spread in the circle of painters, for fear that Zhu Yuanzhang would find himself, but there are always people who can’t avoid this job. The painter who was called into the palace for the third time was named Zhou Wei. However, after meeting Zhu Yuanzhang, he first flattered Zhu Yuanzhang, and then said that he asked his majesty to draw a outline on the paper, and then he would dare to embellish it himself, otherwise he would offend Longyan. Zhu Yuanzhang heard this boy and I like it. After seeing this, Zhou Wei almost didn’t laugh, but he still knelt on the ground and cried out with a good brush, which made Zhu Yuanzhang feel dizzy. In the process of Zhu Yuanzhang’s graffiti, Zhou Wei also understood what kind of self Zhu Yuanzhang wanted to see, that is, God like, but it must have the emperor’s unique temperament of being in the world. Therefore, he combined the temperament of Tang Zong, Song Zu and other emperors with Zhu Yuanzhang’s historical records, and used the soul camera to draw a picture that was neither too ugly nor too beautiful. The key to let people see was the portrait of the emperor. When Zhu Yuanzhang saw the assignment handed in by Zhou Wei, he was overjoyed. He thought that the painting was himself. Although it was not the same as that in the bronze mirror, he liked it from the bottom of his heart, so he appreciated Zhou Wei again. It can be seen that the three painters are portraits of Zhu Yuanzhang. The first painter’s paintings are too straightforward, the second one is too false, and only the third painter’s paintings are between the two. After a little beautification, the emperor’s spirit is added, which is better than the heavy make-up now. Although beautiful, it does not change a person’s basic appearance. Zhu Yuanzhang may not be as ugly as recorded in the history, but then again, for the emperor, his appearance is of secondary importance. People support him not because of his appearance, but because of his political measures for the welfare of the people. Fortunately, although Zhu Yuanzhang is very bad to meritorious officials, he is still good to the people. Skip to content