Three types of 5g mobile phones that can be bought for less than 1500 yuan are representative

After realizing the 5g full coverage of the high-end market this year, all mobile phone manufacturers have begun to sink the 5g technology market. Not only have they achieved full coverage in the 2000 yuan file, but also many 5g thousand yuan machines with the starting price no more than 1500 yuan have appeared. These models are for users who want to buy 5g mobile phones but have insufficient budget or simply want to buy a transition 5g sub machine It’s a wise choice. Today, I’d like to introduce three 5g mobile phones that can be bought for no more than 1500 yuan. All of them are representative. < / P > < p > realme V3 is the first 5g mobile phone with a price lower than 1000 yuan. However, in order to reduce the price to this price, many “downscaling” has been made in the hardware of realme v3. The most obvious is the use of a 6.5-inch 720p resolution screen, the material is LCD, does not support high refresh rate. Although the screen display effect is slightly inferior, but in terms of appearance, the designer does not cut corners. The back panel adopts color matching design, and the color matching of star sea blue and moonlight silver is quite elegant. At the same time, fingerprint recognition uses the old back plate recognition mode. < / P > < p > but in terms of processor performance, realme V3 is obviously affordable. With Tianji 720 processor, there is no pressure to run mainstream games and software. At the same time, it also has low power consumption, which further improves the battery life of mobile phones. Superimposed with the 5000mAh large capacity battery of realme V3, it is a very good choice as an auxiliary machine. < / P > < p > realme V5 is the “upper level substitute” of v3. The difference of starting price of 400 yuan brings larger ROM, more fine workmanship, 1080p screen and better photo effect. Although realme V5 is a veritable medium and low-end product, its screen design style is similar to that of the flagship. It not only adopts the most popular screen single punch front design this year, but also supports 90hz screen high refresh rate and 180hz screen sampling rate, bringing users a more smooth control experience. In terms of processor < / P > < p > the performance of Tianji 720 is still the same as that of realme v3. However, the shooting performance is much better. It adopts the design of 1600W pixel front camera and 4800W pixel rear main camera. At the same time, the post auxiliary lens has super wide angle, macro distance, black and white portrait lens, so it is widely used in shooting. < p > < p > redmi k30i is almost the most cost-effective model you can buy at 1500 yuan. Compared with the redmi K30 Standard Version, it only castrates the camera lens, replacing the 6400w rear main camera equipped with Sony imx686 sensor with the ordinary 4800W camera. It uses a 6.67 inch 1080p screen, which supports a high refresh rate of 120Hz. Of course, it consumes more power when turning on the 120Hz screen refresh rate. In addition, the front double punch design also takes up more display parts. < / P > < p > in terms of processor selection, the k30i adopts the snapdragon 765G processor, which is slightly better than Tianji 720 in performance and has better stability. This model is equipped with 4500mAh battery, and the fast charging power is 30W. The back plate is made of curved glass and has a built-in metal liquid cooling cooling cooling system. The overall performance is excellent. < / P > < p > the above three models are the recommended list of xiaom today. Among 5g models under 1500 yuan, there are oppo A72 and other models. However, the three models in the list have better cost performance, so you can choose them according to your personal needs. Huawei mate40 concept machine exposed, Kirin 1020 + curved surface full-scale screen, beauty hanging on iPhone 12

Author: zmhuaxia