“Tianyi No.1” 5g cloud mobile phone shows its cloud security foundation

On November 9, China Telecom’s first 5g cloud mobile phone, Tianyi No.1, was officially unveiled. The so-called cloud mobile phone is a mobile phone that applies cloud computing technology to network terminal service and realizes cloud service through cloud server. On the one hand, the launch of Tianyi No.1 mobile phone shows China Telecom’s determination to cultivate 5g market and build cloud network strategy, on the other hand, it also shows China Telecom’s confidence in cloud security. < p > < p > China Telecom defines Tianyi 1 as a “cloud mobile phone”, which stores complex computing and large capacity data in the cloud based on 5g network. The mobile phone mainly plays the role of display media, and its core is the built-in cloud function. < / P > < p > in terms of hardware, Tianyi 1 is equipped with purple light zhanrui Huben t75105g chip, and its performance is roughly the same as that of Qualcomm snapdragon 710. Tianyi No.1 is also equipped with a 6.517 inch HD + water drop screen, with fingerprint identification at the rear, and 4GB + 64GB configuration. It can support up to 128GB of storage space, and has 5100mah battery inside to run Android P system. In terms of photographing, the post three cameras are 13 million + 2 million + 2 million, and the front camera is 8 million pixels. It supports 5g dual-mode networking mode of independent networking and non independent networking, and supports seamless switching between 5g and 4G networks. Although the hardware is not very high configuration, the “selling point” of cloud computing is very eye-catching. According to reports, the mobile phone can be converted to the cloud mobile phone mode at any time. In the cloud mode, cloud games, cloud video, Cloud Applications and other functions can be used, without being limited by the phone’s own performance and storage space. < / P > < p > in terms of price, Tianyi No.1 is priced at 999 yuan, and has been sold simultaneously through online and offline channels of China Telecom and its partners. It has also become the second 5g mobile phone with a price lower than the threshold of 1000 yuan after realme in September. < / P > < p > “cloud mobile phone is actually the normal mobile phone form after 5g network matures in the future.” According to the president of the first mobile phone industry research institute, cloud mobile phones do not mean to replace 5g mobile phones, but in places with very good network quality, mobile phones will become an option for users to open applications through the cloud. In this sense, cloud phones represent the future development direction of mobile phones. < p > < p > according to Analysys, in 2018, the scale of domestic cloud mobile phone market was only 300 million yuan, but in 2020 it had reached about 600 million yuan, nearly doubling. Compared with the year-on-year decline of mobile phone shipment, the cloud mobile phone market with strong demand has a bright future. < p > < p > the launch of Tianyi No.1 cloud phone actually benefits from the commercial use of China Telecom 5g SA network, and it will become an important part of China Telecom’s cloud network strategy in the future. < / P > < p > in the view of the industry, 5g network can be divided into NSA and SA, the former is also called “non independent networking”, that is, the core network is built on 4G base station, and 5g network is built by mixing with 5g base station; the latter is called “independent networking”, which is composed of 5g base stations. The latter has higher bandwidth, lower latency, lower energy consumption and more stable connection, so it has been praised by the industry. < p > < p > and the Tianyi cloud VR, Tianyi Ultra HD, Tianyi cloud games and other services that Tianyi No.1 will use have high transmission quality for the network. Therefore, Li Zhengmao, general manager of China Telecom, also calls Tianyi 1 “a new type of terminal produced by 5g SA scale commercial customization”. Of course, cloud mobile phones are not enough. China Telecom has also proposed the “cloud terminal ctaas plan”. Li Zhengmao said that this will be a cloud terminal product of China Telecom, facing the 5g era, combining with the cloud network advantages of Telecom, and taking the mobile cloud terminal with 1000 yuan 5g and original cloud service as the core, and providing diversified cloud network products and services. It is reported that the plan includes seven types of cloud terminals, including cloud mobile phones, cloud pad, cloud camera, cloud router, cloud XR, cloud TV and cloud speaker, covering the “full category” needs of personal terminals, home terminals and industrial terminals. < / P > < p > the use of cloud mobile phones is inseparable from cloud services, and the use of “full category” cloud network terminals is even more inseparable from cloud services. If you want to do a good job in cloud services, you must step over the “threshold” of cloud security. In this context, the launch of Tianyi No.1 cloud mobile phone actually shows China Telecom’s confidence in cloud security. < p > < p > after the launch, information security has been upgraded to an unprecedented new height. With the advent of 5g and the Internet of things era, information security and user privacy have gone from traditional storage security to connection security, from traditional computers, mobile phones and Internet to more extensive and in-depth aspects such as IOT devices, biometric information, big data, etc. On the other hand, IDC data shows that in the second half of 2019, the scale of China’s cloud operation service market reached 10.7 billion yuan, with a year-on-year growth of 27.9%. In the second half of 2019, the market share of China Telecom Tianyi cloud ranked first among domestic operators. With rich experience in government enterprise market service, as well as wide coverage of infrastructure, marketing and service system, China Telecom can provide large-scale government enterprises with various services such as hosting cloud, local cloud and cloud operation and maintenance. At present, Tianyi cloud is the largest hybrid cloud in China and the largest cloud for global operators. It can provide reliable cloud services for the storage, calculation and processing of customer data. Large market, multi industry, multi-user, the importance of cloud security is also increasingly prominent. Tianyi cloud has been committed to establishing a relatively comprehensive security system and capability. At present, Tianyi cloud has a number of information security certification qualifications, including trusted cloud certification, cas-star certification, iso27040 cloud storage security system certification, ISO27001 security management system certification, information security level protection certification, etc., and has multiple security security management mechanisms. After years of construction, China Telecom has built a “end-to-network cloud integration”, all-weather monitoring, strong end-to-end security capability, and a global leading security network. < / P > < p > China Telecom has also “built” the telecom cloud bank, which is one of the products of China Telecom’s network information security capability. As China’s only “operator level” network attack protection platform with global coverage, telecom cloud dike’s four main products, DDoS attack protection, website security, domain name security and anti phishing fraud, have achieved the industry’s strongest capabilities: the global distributed deployment of 36 protection nodes, monitoring and protection IP of more than 170 million, and DDoS protection capacity of more than 5000g. In the past six years, telecom cloud dike has been designated as a national network security platform for major activities in China. < / P > < p > we firmly believe that China Telecom’s cloud security will be better in the future by building an end-to-end security capability system through network native security + trusted cloud based on the network security advantages of operators. New product launch