Tiger is coming, Intel Core mobile processor 11 is released tonight

It home on September 2 news at 12 o’clock tonight, Intel will bring 11 generation core mobile processor tiger lake. The press conference will be broadcast live on YouTube. Interested partners can pay attention to relevant reports of it home at that time. < p > < p > the it home has reported that Intel has released tiger Lake SOC worldwide, which adopts the willow Cove architecture and uses a more advanced manufacturing process of 10 nm superfin technology. It is officially said that it will provide better performance than intergenerational CPU. Tiger lake is currently in production and OEM products will be available during the Christmas holiday season. < / P > < p > at the conference tonight, we will see the full lineup of 11 generation mobile core processors. In addition, the previously exposed “Evo” series notebooks will be officially released at this conference. Skip to content