Tiger teeth and Betta will merge, and the “small and beautiful” way of living is becoming increasingly scarce in the Internet field

In the live track, it is about to usher in the moment of merging the two giants into one. It has happened in the fields of online car hailing and online video. Didi merges fast, Youku merges potato. Under the guidance of Tencent, Huya and douyu will also come together. In the era of oligarchy, it seems that this is a logical rule, which is similar to the story of bloody struggle in the arena, but in the dominance of Tencent If the tiktok is successfully merged, it is not the end of the two gladiators, but the beginning of a new Kwai Fu. Because with the new gladiators joining, these gladiators are stronger and fiercer. They are the short video stage of the byte beating, such as the quiver, the fast hand and the B station. < p > < p > 2016 is regarded as the first year of live broadcasting. During this period, pan entertainment live broadcast once entered the air gap. There were hundreds of live broadcasting platforms in China, including Zhou Hongyi and Wang Sicong. The competition is no less fierce than the “thousand regiment war” ten years ago and the “o2o war” seven years ago. However, in March last year, Wang Sicong’s heavily funded panda TV announced that it was cool, which was jokingly called It has lost 2 billion yuan and owed 150 million yuan for the platform of “the third of the Millennium”. In 2018, it has been languishing. It is not only panda TV that has broken the capital chain and died. In a few years, the industry has gone from rising to shuffling. The fighting fish and tiger teeth did not die in the shuffle. Thanks to the strategic investment of 630 million US dollars and 460 million US dollars respectively invested by the gold owner Tencent, it relies on the live game to kill According to the latest data, as of March, tiger tooth ranked first on the game live platform with more than 31 million active users, while Betta ranked second with more than 25 million active users, while the third tentacle had only more than 4 million active users, which was far from tiger teeth and Betta. This time, it is reported that Tencent’s Penguin e-sports, which plans to “triple play” with douyu and Huya, ranks fourth in terms of active user scale. The market size of

live broadcast is not large. This year, it is expected to be only 24 billion yuan. After several years of rapid growth, it has gradually entered the stage of stock market fighting. Although tiger teeth and fighting fish are way ahead, in front of the video streaming platform such as byte beating, fast Kwai and B station, tiger teeth and fighting fish have changed from strong to weak, and from attack to defense. Because the former is more and more aggressive in the game live broadcast field. Last year, a Kwai fish one sister von demo fought at B station, which means that the fighting fish and tiger teeth with great mutual angle are now being strongly picked up by byte beating, fast hand and B station. These platforms can be transferred to more guilds of the anchor, and have more yuan resources and larger scale of users. As at the end of May this year, The monthly live users of Kwai live live broadcast have exceeded 220 million, compared with the data in the same period of the fight fish and tiger teeth, the curve has overtaken.

tiktok, Kudo, fast and B stations can easily enter the hinterland of tiger teeth and fighting fish, while tiger teeth and fighting fish are hard to enter the other’s territory. The main source of game live income is the brush and gifts, while the live broadcast can get the sale share. This year’s epidemic has brought the Kwai Kwai, Taobao, fast hand, Tiktok, which Kwai Chung occupies C by their respective advantages, has been supporting short videos in recent years. However, the effect is not ideal. Tiktok and fighting fish have not been splash for a while when the strong voice of the jitter, the fast hand and B stop. < / P > < p > in the era of oligarchy, “small and beautiful” living style is becoming scarce, and the fate of vertical platforms such as tiger teeth and Betta has become blurred. Maybe Tencent is leading them to merge, which is the last good time. Continue ReadingIqoo5 series debut strength interpretation of “120 super full mark flagship”

Author: zmhuaxia