Tiktok disclosed the algorithm principle to US media: first use 8 popular videos to get to know you

Tiktok, a popular short video application, has attracted hundreds of millions of users around the world. This is largely due to the algorithm. The company’s executives recently revealed how this “killer” algorithm works. Tiktok’s algorithm can recommend users the next video to watch, helping the app gain popularity and tens of billions of dollars in valuation. Under pressure from the United States, byte hopping is ready to sell tiktok’s US business, and the algorithm has become one of the focuses of potential transactions. In a conference call with reporters, tiktok executives said they were disclosing details of algorithms and data operations to eliminate rumors and misunderstandings about the company. Michael Beckman, tiktok’s vice president for U.S. public policy, said: “although we’ve just been in business for two years, we have long-term goals. We didn’t have a chance to grow up in the golden age of the Internet, when technology companies didn’t do anything wrong. We grew up in a technology frenzy where people are skeptical about platforms, how they audit content, and how their algorithms work. ” < / P > < p > tiktok executives offered reporters a virtual tour of their new “transparent center” in Los Angeles. The center will provide areas for people to demonstrate computer modules that show how tiktok’s algorithms and data manipulation work. < p > < p > tiktok’s algorithm uses machine learning to determine what content users are most likely to participate in and provide them with more content by finding similar videos or videos that people with similar user preferences like. When users open tiktok for the first time, they will see eight popular videos, including different trends, music and themes. After that, the algorithm will continue to provide users with 8 updated videos according to the videos they watch or participate in and what they are doing. < / P > < p > the algorithm identifies videos similar to those watched by users according to video information. It also takes into account user device and account settings, including data such as language preferences, country / region settings, and device types. < / P > < p > when tiktok collects enough user data, the application can plot user preferences based on the preferences of similar users and group them into “clusters”. It also groups videos based on similar themes, such as “Basketball” or “rabbit.”. < / P > < p > using machine learning, tiktok’s algorithm can provide users with videos based on the proximity of users to other user clusters and their favorite content. Tiktok’s logic is designed to avoid redundant content that might annoy users, such as seeing multiple videos with the same music or multiple videos from the same Creator. < / P > < p > tiktok admits that the reason why it can lock users’ preferences so effectively means that its algorithm can generate “information cocoons” to strengthen users’ existing preferences, rather than show them more diversified content, broaden their horizons, or provide them with uninterested content. < / P > < p > tiktok said they were studying “information cocoons,” including how long they can last and how users encounter them to better break them if necessary. As the “information cocoon room” intensifies conspiracy theories, pranks and other misinformation, tiktok’s product and policy team studies which accounts and video messages may be related to misinformation. < / P > < p > videos or creators that link to error messages are sent to the company’s global content reviewers so that tiktok can manage the content before it is distributed to users on the recommendation page. < / P > < p > tiktok also introduced the company’s latest initiatives in data, privacy and security. The company said it tried to classify and prevent events on its platform before they happened by detecting patterns of problems before they spread. Roland claudier, tiktok’s chief security officer, said he planned to recruit more than 100 data, security and privacy experts in the United States by the end of the year. He also said the company will establish a monitoring, response and investigative response center in Washington, D.C., to actively detect and respond to critical events in real time. According to Beckman, tiktok’s transparency efforts are aimed at positioning the company as a leader in Silicon Valley. “We want to take the lead and show more about how the app works,” he said. For us, we are new comers and we want to do it because we have nothing to hide. The more we talk and meet with legislators, the more they understand and feel satisfied with our products. ” US President Donald Trump said on Thursday he would not extend the deadline for byte hopping to sell its popular short video app tiktok in the US. “Byte skipping either closes tiktok or sells it, and the deadline won’t be extended,” trump said < / P > < p > according to a person familiar with the matter, the trump government is considering whether to give byte jitter more time to arrange the sale of tiktok’s US business to us buyers. It is reported that byte skipping is more and more likely to miss the deadline set by President trump to sell tiktok’s US business, and China’s new export regulations also complicate its negotiations with bidders such as Microsoft and Oracle. During preliminary talks with Chinese officials, byte beat was told that any proposed deal must be submitted for approval, including technical and financial details, according to people familiar with the matter. Moreover, these reviews are substantive and require more time. Advisers have yet to submit a decision to trump on whether to extend the deadline, people familiar with the matter said. For now, the deal is not the president’s top priority. In response to a request for comment, the White House referred the question to the U.S. Department of Commerce, which has not yet commented. Representatives of Microsoft, tiktok and Oracle did not immediately respond to comment. < / P > and the real pending issue of Trump’s announcement is still pending due to a series of pending orders. Although trump said he hoped to reach a sale agreement by September 15, he signed an executive order last month banning tiktok’s operations in the United States, requiring the company to take action by September 20. < / P > < p > the document imposing the ban may have been enforced under the authority of, which allows the president to regulate international commerce in response to any unusual threat to the country. At the suggestion of an interdepartmental national security team, trump signed the latest order on August 14 requiring byte skipping to sell tiktok’s U.S. business within 90 days, before the November 3 election. < / P > < p > at present, the parties are still actively pushing for a preliminary agreement to be submitted to the white house before this month’s deadline, although no agreement can be finalized before China agrees. If the byte jitter is sure it won’t satisfy the government, bidders and its own shareholders, it may also abandon the sale option altogether. 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