Tiktok has a new buyer, and Oracle, the world’s second largest software company, has joined the bid, according to frontline

On August 18, according to the financial times, Oracle, an American database giant, joined the bidding team for tiktok’s US business. In addition, Oracle is considering acquiring tiktok’s businesses in Canada, Australia and New Zealand. People familiar with the Financial Times report added that Oracle is working with a group of U.S. investors who already hold some shares of byte hopping, including pan Atlantic capital and Sequoia Capital. < / P > < p > who will take over tiktok? The issue has become the focus of global technology industry since Reuters quoted two people familiar with the matter as saying that byte hop agreed to sell tiktok. However, some other U.S. – based byte hopping investors may also have a chance to acquire a minority stake in tiktok. < p > < p > on August 2, Microsoft officially announced that it would seek to complete the negotiation with byte skipping before September 15. In addition to tiktok’s business in the United States, the negotiation will also involve tiktok’s business in Canada, Australia and New Zealand. < p > < p > since then, Twitter has become the second potential buyer of tiktok. Twitter and tiktok have initially discussed the possibility of a potential merger, according to people familiar with the matter. But because it is much smaller than Microsoft and needs to spend more time on the deal, Microsoft is still considered the leader in the deal, while Twitter is seen as a long-term bidder. However, Oracle, headquartered in California, is the world’s largest enterprise software company and the second largest software company after Microsoft. Currently, Oracle’s market value exceeds $160 billion, with revenue of $10.44 billion in the fourth quarter of fiscal year 2020. On August 3, trump expressed support for the sale of tiktok to Microsoft, but gave a deadline for the deal to end on September 15. If tiktok fails to reach a deal with a U.S. company by September 15, tiktok will be closed in the United States. On August 6, local time, trump signed two executive orders, saying that it would ban any US transactions with tiktok and its parent company byte skipping, wechat and its parent company Tencent within 45 days. On August 14, US Eastern time, trump issued an administrative order to require byte skipping to sell or divest tiktok’s business in the United States within 90 days for the sake of national security. According to people familiar with the matter, this presidential decree will not cover the previous one, but will be implemented independently and side by side. The old administrative order is intended to curb byte skipping global business, while the new administrative order clearly forces byte skipping to be separated from tiktok’s U.S. business. < / P > < p > the acquisition of tiktok has experienced many sudden changes in the past ten days. Less than a month before Trump’s deadline of September 15, what will tiktok face? Continue Reading865 optimization is different? These mobile phones should teach you a lesson!