Tiktok is not enough! Trump also took a hand on Chinese software and banned all companies from dealing with it

According to the Russian news agency on August 7, US President Donald Trump signed an executive order to crack down on wechat and other software, requiring US companies to stop trading with these Chinese applications within 45 days. < / P > < p > reports that just a few hours ago, the White House announced the signing of a decree, which is mainly used to crack down on applications such as tiktok and wechat. According to Russian media, wechat is a software integrating information, social network and electronic payment system, with an estimated number of users of more than 1 billion. Trump accused wechat of collecting American data and that the company might spy, blackmail and monitor U.S. individuals and companies. Trump will and will be authorized to do so. “Mobile applications developed by Chinese companies continue to spread in the United States, which threatens the national security, foreign and economic policies of the United States,” he said The scope of the ban and which transactions will be cut off are still unknown. According to the associated press, US Secretary of state Mike pompeio announced an initiative to expand the “clean network” of the United States on the 5th. He is expanding the scope of the US attack on Chinese technology to personal applications, and completely remove Chinese companies from operators, stores, applications, storage and cables on the grounds of suspected security threats, according to the associated press. He also criticized tiktok, wechat and Huawei by name. However, pompeio’s practice has been questioned by us analysts, who seriously doubt the legal basis for the US government to ban the application of the ban. < / P > < p > tiktok and wechat said they did not store U.S. user information in China and would not share user privacy information. < / P > < p > trump threatened to “close” tiktok by September 15, unless Microsoft or “someone else” bought it. At present, tiktok, Microsoft and wechat did not immediately respond to the news. The New York Times points out that tensions between the United States and China have risen to levels not seen in decades due to geopolitical, technological and trade differences. As some countries continue to cut off foreign technology companies from each other’s markets, these restrictions will further divide the global Internet. American companies begin to give up R & D: who should pay for corporate research?