Tiktok to build the first European data center and put into operation in 2022

On August 6, tiktok’s website published an article by Roland Cloutier, chief information security officer of tiktok, which said that tiktok was building a new European data center in Ireland.

in response to this news, byte skipping and the Irish investment and development authority have confirmed to the first finance reporter. The data center established in Ireland will be tiktok’s first data center in Europe.

“the data center marks tiktok’s long-term commitment to Ireland.” Zhang zhewei, head of the China division of the Irish investment and development agency, told the first financial reporter.

according to tiktok, the investment in Ireland is worth about 420 million euros and will create hundreds of new jobs. According to the plan, the European data center is planned to open and put into operation in early 2022.

Cloutier said the data center will play a key role in further strengthening the protection and protection of tiktok user data, and plans to deploy state-of-the-art physical and network security defense systems worldwide.

Cloutier published an article on tiktok’s security approach in April this year and explained how his team focused on building an advanced security infrastructure, designing related programs, and working with the industry to further develop tiktok’s capabilities.

Cloutier explained that the new regional data center would bring tangible benefits, including shorter load times. “This will help tiktok community users enjoy a better experience. When our data center comes into operation, European user data will be stored in this new location. ” He wrote.

tiktok’s fate in Europe attracted attention when its business development in the United States was hindered. At present, Europe has not taken substantive measures to restrict tiktok.

Ireland plays a key role in tiktok’s rapidly expanding European business. At the beginning of this year, tiktok established the EMEA trust and security center in Dublin, expanded the team and appointed senior management. The team is ensuring the improvement of tiktok users’ security strategy, policies and processes.

tiktok Ireland recently shared control of user data with tiktok UK, which serves customers in European economies and Switzerland. Tiktok said it will continue to develop data protection and privacy teams in the future.

Martin Shanahan, chief executive officer of the Irish Investment Development Agency, said: “tiktok’s decision to establish its first European data center in Ireland is very gratifying. This is a huge investment made by the company in Europe. This year, positioning Ireland as a key location for the company’s global operations. ”

Cloutier stressed that protecting the privacy and data of tiktok community users is the top priority of tiktok. “The establishment of data centers in Europe is just the latest step in our ongoing efforts to enhance global capabilities and protect user privacy and tiktok community security.” “We will continue to work on the details with key partners including IDA, and we will share more of our latest information to make progress in the near future,” he said Huawei has finally made a choice! Xiaomi and ov have also followed up. Have you ever thought about today?