Times have changed? Huawei mate40 plus money to sell, iPhone 12 price reduction!

Many years ago, when consumers chose high-end smart phones, the first brands they thought of were apple and Samsung. Some consumers also chose HTC and Sony, but they would not think of domestic mobile phone brands. However, with the rise of domestic mobile phone brands, the high-end smart phone market has a place for domestic mobile phone brands, and Huawei’s P-Series and mate series have Become the pronoun of domestic high-end mobile phone. Recently, Huawei released its new mate40 series machines. The starting price of this series of machines in the European market is 899 euro, which is more than 7000 yuan. The price of Huawei’s flagship mobile phones in the domestic market has always been lower than that in the European market. Mr. otai speculates that the price of Huawei mate40 Pro should be within 7000 yuan. < / P > < p > according to the channel providers, Huawei mate40 series machines will definitely be in short supply after they are put on sale. They can only get machines, and they can be sold with “price increase”; the high-end smart phones or iPhones with “price increase” sales before are still iPhones, and Samsung does not have this treatment because Samsung’s sales in the Chinese market are not very good in the past few years, and the iPhone in the Chinese market has also begun to be taken by Huawei “Replace”. According to the report of China’s high-end mobile phone market in the second quarter given by canalys, Huawei has already occupied more than half of the domestic market share, while Apple’s iPhone only has more than 30% of the market share. Canalys said that Huawei and apple almost “monopolized” China’s high-end mobile phone market. These two mobile phone brands have strong product competitiveness, while other mobile phone brands have strong product competitiveness It’s hard to compete. < / P > < p > Daisaku consulted several channel providers and said that if they want to get Huawei mate40 series machines for the first time, they need to increase the price. However, the price of some versions of iphone12 series machines is lower than the official price. It should be noted that the current 128GB iphone12 stock is relatively sufficient, and the channel price is much lower than the official price More. Xiaozhai can only say that the times have changed. A few years ago, iPhones had to be bought with “price increase” for a long time. However, the price of high-end smart phones launched by domestic brands is not only cheaper than that of iPhones of the same period, but also the value of gifts is as high as thousands of yuan. Even so, most consumers still choose iPhones. However, with the success of Huawei’s P series and mate series, Domestic mobile phone brands have also made good achievements in the high-end mobile phone market. < p > < p > for some reasons, Huawei has become the most popular mobile phone brand in China. However, some of the machines launched by Huawei do have the feeling of “charging IQ tax” – for example, the configuration of Changxiang series and changplay series are relatively low, but the price is not very low; for Huawei mobile phone brands, Xiaozhai only recommends consumers to buy P series and mate series, and other departments The machines listed are not worth buying. < / P > < p > of course, Xiaozhai thinks that “price increase” sales machine is not a good thing for consumers, after all, consumers need to spend more money to buy their favorite smart phones; Xiaozhai hopes that mobile phone manufacturers can provide consumers with sufficient stock, so that consumers can easily buy them, instead of spending “unjust money”; in addition, many illegal vendors sell “high” sales Imitates “the machine”, deceives the consumer’s sentiment and the money. Older posts →

Author: zmhuaxia