To change mobile phones before the beginning of school, these low-cost flagship computers are worth the effort

Nowadays, the appearance and configuration of domestic flagship mobile phones are much better than in the past. Therefore, more and more people start with domestic flagship mobile phones, including many student party members. The student party has higher requirements for mobile phones, and the general 1000 yuan machine is difficult to meet the demand. Therefore, even if the flagship machine is more expensive, there are not a few people who start with it. Now, what are the popular flagship planes of the student party? In order to change mobile phones before the beginning of school, the following three low-cost flagship computers with good looks and materials reveal the answer for us. < / P > < p > oppo mobile phone has a high popularity among the student party. This oppo reno4pro is one of the best-selling mobile phones under oppo. The biggest highlight of this mobile phone is the appearance value and video shooting function. The appearance of oppo reno4pro adopts a single opening design, equipped with a 6.5-inch OLED screen, and supports a high refresh rate of 90hz. The parameters of the screen make people unable to find fault, which is the standard of a flagship mobile phone. < / P > < p > this mobile phone also has a powerful video capture function. The first oppo moonlight night scene video algorithm can significantly improve the performance of photographing in dark light. The only disadvantage of oppo reno4pro is that its configuration is not high. It is equipped with snapdragon 765G chip, and now the price is less than 4000 yuan. The low price of high-end machine series is worth it. < / P > < p > although Meizu has almost become a niche brand, it still has a lot of iron powder. And people who like Meizu mobile phones are often experts in real goods. This Meizu 17 is one of the most outstanding Xiaolong 865 mobile phones in terms of comprehensive performance. Although it also adopts the perforated screen design, its appearance is quite different from that of other flagship phones. In particular, the horizontal photo module of the back shell and the solid color matching design make it a clear stream in the mobile phone circle. < / P > < p > Meizu 17 is also the performance handle of mobile phone circle. It is equipped with snapdragon 865 chip and supports high brush, so its fluency is fast to fly. The camera of this mobile phone can not be underestimated. It uses the Sony imx686 sensor, which is standard for this year’s flagship machine. The hardware is very sincere, and the price is about 3000 yuan. The body of the flagship machine and the price of the mid-range machine are affordable. < / P > < p > vivo x50pro + is an alternative in vivo mobile phone, because vivo first used high-end processor on X series, so this vivo x50pro + finally took off the hat of high price and low configuration. < / P > < p > in addition to the snapdragon 865 chip, vivo x50pro + also has a new breakthrough in photographing. It is equipped with a Samsung GN sensor with a super large bottom, whose parameters are close to Huawei’s top flagship. At the same time, this mobile phone also supports black light night vision, star mode and video super anti shake technology. The screen is also one of the highlights of this mobile phone. The opening in the upper left corner is very small, and the overall appearance is online. Coupled with the gravity and camel color on the back, the appearance is so exquisite that people can’t refuse it. The price of the top configuration is about 4000 yuan, which is much cheaper than Youshang’s high-end flagship, right. < / P > < p > when the student party buys a mobile phone, the first thing they pay attention to is the appearance of the mobile phone. All the above three flagship phones are high-value models without exception. The price is not the highest. On this basis, Meizu 17 and vivo x50pro + also have first-class performance and photo technology, while oppo reno4pro stands out with its thin body. Which of the three mobile phones do you like best? Privacy Policy