To “compete” with China, the entire U.S. intelligence community is involved in this key program

On October 7, the office of science and technology policy of the White House launched the official website of the national quantum Coordination Office (NQC) and launched a new one. According to US media, the office of science and technology policy of the White House launched the official website of the national quantum coordination office on October 7. The report was drafted on the basis of listening to the opinions of relevant industries, and will affect the research and development efforts of the United States in the crucial emerging field of quantum information science and technology. So far, more than a dozen federal agencies have participated in the national quantum program, including all national security agencies. In fact, despite the public claim that the reason for setting up an inter departmental coordination agency around quantum information technology is to ensure the economic advantages and national security interests of the United States, few people doubt that the trump administration’s promotion of quantum technology stems from its intensified strategic, commercial and military competition with China. According to the US foreign scholars website on October 9, Michael krazios, chief technology officer of the US government, pointed out: “with the launch of the website, the White House has established an online home for the national quantum coordination office, creating a new digital hub for the growing quantum community, so as to connect the extensive activities being carried out by various departments of the federal government Get up. ” The national quantum coordination office was established after it became law in December 2018. < / P > < p > the official website collects a large number of useful resources on quantum information technology, including both technical reports and strategic documents. As a press release released at the same time as the website went online, “this website will provide a one-stop service for searching key strategic documents and reports, government department projects and plans of the national quantum coordination office.” According to the report, the number of Chinese scientists applying for patents for quantum technology in 2018 is more than twice that of the United States. But it’s not just a competition for patents and papers. China’s progress in the field of quantum communication is of far-reaching significance. Quantum technology can make their communication impossible to crack. In 2016, China launched the world’s first quantum communication satellite, Mozi, which made headlines in the world. Evidence released in May this year shows that communication using Mozi can prevent malicious intrusion. < p > < p > in February this year, a Chinese research group reported that they have successfully realized the quantum entanglement between optical fiber memories 50 km apart, which is a big concept verification towards the quantum Internet. Based on the core principles of quantum mechanics, the communication encrypted by quantum Internet cannot be cracked. According to the report, < / P > < p > therefore, it is not surprising that the entire U.S. intelligence community has participated in the national quantum program. The intelligence agencies involved include the national security agency of the United States and the advanced research projects agency of intelligence, which is a high-tech research and development organization in the intelligence industry. Iarpa has already owned several quantum computing projects. < / P > < p > on the other hand, the advanced research projects agency of the Department of defense has been at the forefront in verifying the concept of quantum key distribution. Quantum key distribution is the first step towards the construction of terrestrial or space quantum communication networks. In February this year, the national quantum Coordination Office published an ambitious vision document on the construction of quantum Internet. Of course, communication technology is only a small part of quantum technology. It has been and will continue to be the dream goal of quantum information science to pursue a practical, commercial and fault-tolerant quantum computer. According to a report from the National Academy of Sciences in 2019, such machines are still in a relatively distant future. But for some time, mathematics has shown that this kind of computer will make all existing encryption algorithms worthless. Baidu continues to work on quantum computing to lay a solid foundation for new infrastructure construction