To create a convenient and intelligent life for the elderly, vivo appeared in the aging exhibition of MIIT

On December 25, 2020, the Ministry of industry will hold a news conference on the application of intelligent technology for the elderly. Vivo participated in and demonstrated a series of mobile terminal aging applications and functions, such as fast application of national government service platform, remote assistance mode, “simple desktop” application, “shared photo album” and “old photo repair” module. < / P > < p > in recent years, the rapid development and application of digital technology make people’s life more convenient. However, because the elderly are not familiar with the operation of smart phones, they are very inconvenient in daily life, such as travel, medical treatment and consumption, and can not fully enjoy intelligent services. The problem of “digital divide” faced by the elderly has also aroused great concern of the country and the whole society. The general office of the State Council recently issued a document to accelerate the promotion of smart life to benefit the elderly and gradually solve the problem of “digital divide”. As a terminal manufacturer, vivo is committed to customizing more comprehensive and intimate intelligent functions and services for elderly users, and creating a convenient and intelligent life for the elderly. < / P > < p > in order to meet the needs of the elderly in daily life, such as medical treatment, transportation and travel, vivo mobile phone has launched a remote assistance mode. Both sides open the “vivo official website” app in the operating machine and the elder’s machine, and select the “remote assistance” function. Through the acquisition and input of the same operation code, children can remotely control their parents’ mobile phone interface, complete the use scenarios such as taking a taxi for their parents and online hospital registration, so that the elderly can fully enjoy the convenience brought by intelligent services. < / P > < p > aiming at the pain points of mobile terminals that are too difficult to learn and too small font to be used to, vivo has also customized the smart phone desktop application – “simple desktop” for the elderly. By customizing the smart phone desktop, super large font icon, right-click dial and magnifying glass, it improves the usability of mobile terminals and solves the most difficult problem for the elderly who are not proficient in using smart phones Basic living needs. < / P > < p > the middle-aged and old people are looking forward to strengthening their emotional contact with their relatives and friends through smart phones and the Internet. In this regard, vivo launched the “shared photo album” and “old photo repair” modules to break the space-time distance and provide the elderly with a more convenient and warm intelligent life. The photo album application in vivo mobile creates a “shared photo album” module, which is associated with the elder’s smart phone to enable the children working outside to share their own life with their parents and bring company and care to their parents. < / P > < p > vivo mobile phone photo album application also creates a “old photo repair” module, which helps the elderly repair old photos through AI technology, optimizes the yellowing old photos to ultra clear image quality, breaks the time distance, and reproduces the precious memories of the past. < / P > < p > previously, the fast application of the national government service platform developed by vivo was officially put into trial operation on vivo mobile terminal on November 18. Vivo provides a complete product and technology solution as well as, level security solution for the service platform. The fast application of national government affairs service platform can provide consumers and enterprises with convenient, accurate and fast access to and use a number of government affairs services including social security, provident fund, civil affairs, etc., so as to provide consumers with more efficient, convenient and intelligent “fingertip” services. < / P > < p > in order to actively respond to the policy guidance of the State Council on “effectively solving the difficulties of the elderly in using intelligent technology”, vivo quickly applied the online anti epidemic health information code “old and young health code help query”, electronic social security card “family service”, electronic social security card “social security treatment qualification certification” and cross provincial medical records on the national government service platform, To provide convenient and fast intelligent services for elderly users. < / P > < p > for the elderly and children who don’t have mobile phones or can’t use health codes during the epidemic period, quickapp provides the “old and young health code help query” service of epidemic prevention health information code, and supports people over 60 and under 16 to use health status query service. The assistant can check the health status of the elderly and children by name and ID card number, and help the mobile phone users to keep no cache information and data, so that the privacy of the elderly and children is not leaked. < / P > < p > in addition, the app also supports the “family service” of the electronic social security card. Children can set up the social security card associated with the elderly through the “electronic social security card my family service” to operate the related functions of the electronic social security card, such as medical expense settlement, individual account payment, social security payment, identity certificate, etc. The function of “social security benefits qualification certification” supports face recognition certification. Parents don’t need to run to the Social Security Bureau, they just need to scan their mobile phones at home to quickly complete the endowment insurance benefits qualification certification. Children can assist their parents to complete the cross provincial medical record within 5 minutes through the cross provincial medical record function, and they can also brush the medical insurance when they see a doctor in a designated hospital in other places. < / P > < p > as a product driven technology company with intelligent terminals and services as the core, vivo provides quality products and services to 370 million + users in 30 + countries and regions around the world. In the future, vivo plans to combine the voice assistant of Jovi intelligent terminal with aging technology, optimize the functions of content reading, Jovi voice prompt main operation scenarios, etc., and enrich the application software interface interaction design oriented by the elderly user experience. At the same time, vivo will give consideration to the elderly’s online experience and network security, increase the “care mode” and “elder mode” of intelligent terminal related applications, and incorporate barrier free transformation into daily update and maintenance. Vivo will continue to have insight into the needs of the elderly, promote the continuous optimization and upgrading of vivo intelligent terminal in accordance with the requirements of national policies for aging, and help the elderly better integrate into the intelligent and digital era. ASMC, a lithography maker, was one of TSMC’s 14 top suppliers last year