To help you move the mirror more smoothly, Zhiyun released Yunhe 2S, focusing on productivity

When it comes to Zhiyun, many people will think of the Yunhe 2 three axis handheld stabilizer released a few years ago, because this product was very “radical” at that time, because it was the first time to add a focus tracking handwheel to the handheld stabilizer, so users can play with more shooting possibilities. On August 20, Zhiyun officially released the updated version of Yunhe 2, Yunhe 2S, which gave a new life to the classic model. < / P > < p > as a classic upgrade, Zhiyun Yunhe 2S continues the traditional vertical grip design of the previous generation. Although there is no teapot holding type of weeball series, the vertical grip is more solid and stable, especially suitable for beginners. And in terms of details, Zhiyun has upgraded Yunhe 2S in various aspects. For example, the handle is held in carbon fiber material, which is more skid resistant and more comfortable to handle; the OLED screen has also added Chinese and English colored eggs. So, when you get the cloud crane 2S, you have to feel familiar and unfamiliar. < / P > < p > thanks to the ninth generation of honeycomb algorithm, Zhiyun Yunhe 2S supports many large-scale SLR cameras including Panasonic S1H, bmpcc 6K, EOS 1dx Mark II and Nikon d850, and some lens sets can also be adapted well. As a handheld stabilizer dedicated to improving productivity, Zhiyun Yunhe 2S has many more interfaces, and has reserved enough space to add accessories, so even if you plan to use it to make micro films, it is enough. < / P > < p > many people will need to dismantle the camera when shooting, especially when shooting in vertical mode. However, Yunhe 2S supports vertical camera switching, which does not require users to purchase additional accessories. It even supports double insurance of safety lock and locking screw, which facilitates the switching of horizontal and vertical shots and further ensures the safety of the camera during shooting. It is understood that at present, most of the fixed ways on the market are realized through the domestic rabbit cage or L-shaped vertical plate, and these methods are really small compared with the design of Zhiyun Yunhe 2S. < p > < p > Yunhe 2S is a stabilizer suitable for individual creator and multi person cooperation. Multi interface design can facilitate individual combat, while the incorporation of wireless image transmission function greatly facilitates the cooperation efficiency, especially the control of focus tracking. This time, Yunhe 2S supports three sets of follow-up operation modes, including low delay self-contained follow-up wheel control, servo tracking device and electronic focus tracking, as well as the function of viatouch touch touch. The focus control of mobile phone and scallop terminal can be realized through picture transmission. Users can choose according to their own needs and usage habits. < / P > < p > the official price of Yunhe 2S is 3699 yuan, and combo accessories are provided, and the price is 3999 yuan. If you want to experience the upgraded version of Zhiyun’s classic works and feel the black technology in many stabilizer fields, then this Yunhe 2S must be your preferred choice. New product launch