To learn photography, we must first learn how to expose correctly? Correct exposure requires mastering three elements of photography

Photography, let’s not talk about composition, color matching, shooting skills, etc. the most basic thing is to take at least an image with normal exposure. This is the basic of photography. However, it is not easy to achieve this basic requirement. It requires the combination of aperture, shutter and ISO sensitivity. As long as one of the settings is wrong, your photo will not be good Too dark is too bright. < / P > < p > in order to make the exposure normal, we need to adjust the relationship among aperture, shutter and ISO, so that the exposure scale bar can be taken at the position of “0”. What is the relationship among aperture, shutter and ISO? Please look down. < / P > < p > here, we use the faucet to drain water and use the cup to catch water to intuitively explain the relationship among aperture, shutter and ISO. We compare the aperture size to the valve of the faucet, the shutter speed to the time of the faucet discharging water, and the ISO to the size of the cup. < / P > < p > assuming that the water in the glass is full, what should we do if we want to fill the glass with water? We can turn on the valve of the faucet, extend the water discharge time, or change the cup into a small cup, and the water will be full anyway, so as to achieve the goal. < / P > < p > do you understand now? In short, if one of the three elements is not enough, we can adjust the other two elements to make the exposure normal. In this way, we can play various shooting patterns, such as shutter priority, aperture priority, high-speed freeze frame shooting, long exposure trajectory shooting, etc < / P > < p > the exposure of photos is determined by aperture, shutter and ISO. Take a picture, if the ISO remains the same, the larger the aperture, the shorter the shutter time, which can shorten the exposure time. The smaller the aperture, the longer the shutter time and the longer the exposure time. New product launch