To make way for the final flagship, Xiaomi 10 price refreshes again, and also prepares for 5g era!

In the past two years, the development speed of Xiaomi mobile phone is really fast. It has been upgraded from the classic price of 1999 to the price of 4999 yuan. This upgrading range reflects the changes of Xiaomi in the mobile phone market in recent years, and also shows the strength of Xiaomi. < / P > < p > imagine that if the strength of Xiaomi’s mobile phone has not been improved, then when the products directly impact on the high-end flagship market, I believe that mobile phone users will not be able to accept it, and even blame the development of Xiaomi. However, fortunately, Xiaomi’s mobile phone has successfully established itself in the high-end flagship market, and has obtained good sales. Meanwhile, for the sake of the following development, Xiaomi’s steps should not stop. < / P > < p > and the users who pay attention to Xiaomi mobile phone all know that the reason why Xiaomi mobile phone can succeed this time is basically that they choose to use digital series to impact the high-end flagship market. < / P > < p > on the one hand, the popularity of digital series is very high, which almost existed since Xiaomi was born. It is very appropriate to use this series to impact the high-end flagship market. < / P > < p > on the other hand, Xiaomi’s mix series and note series are not so successful in hitting the flagship market. It is better to open a new series than to choose the previous popular series. < / P > < p > in other words, the focus of today’s mobile phone product is Xiaomi 10. The popularity and popularity of this mobile phone product is still quite high, after all, it has impacted the high-end flagship market. However, the development speed of the market is very fast. At present, the super large cup model of Xiaomi 10 is already on the way. As the flagship of the axle, Xiaomi 10 can only give way to the new machine. < / P > < p > although the price of Xiaomi 10 has been reduced, the author thinks that the strength of Xiaomi 10 is still very strong, especially after the price reduction, its performance in the aspect of cost performance is even better. < / P > < p > the front has a 90hz screen refresh rate, a snapdragon 865 processor, and dual speakers, NFC, infrared and other functions. In addition, the Xiaomi 10 also uses 20 million pixels in front, 100 million main camera in the rear, 13 million ultra wide angle, depth of field and macro four camera. The battery capacity is 4780 MAH, and it supports 30 W flash charging. < / P > < p > to be honest, the price reduction of Xiaomi 10 is a bit unexpected, and most mobile phone users are thinking about when the price of Xiaomi 10pro will be reduced. However, the price reduction of Xiaomi 10 is also preparing for the 5g era. After all, in the next mobile phone market, Xiaomi should make more efforts. < / P > < p > in any case, we are still looking forward to the follow-up development, and we are looking forward to the release of new machines such as Xiaomi 10 Super Cup and Hongmi K30 Ultra. Skip to content