To the beginning of school season, we will give you our flagship 5g mobile phone purchasing strategy in 2020

Tomorrow comes the first day of September. After the college entrance examination, students are happy and sad. However, they will take out a new face to meet the new college life. As the best gift for the beginning of school, it is necessary that both the individual and the parents will put the contents of the opening gift on a new mobile phone, but for the white ones who don’t understand the mobile phone How to choose so many mobile phones on the market will become a tangle. Today, I will recommend some domestic high-end mobile phones which are more popular in 2020. I recommend iqoo 5 series for the first high-end 5g mobile phone. First, iqoo 5 is definitely a choice with a price ratio of 3998 yuan. Iqoo5 adopts 6.56 inch Samsung ultra visual AMOLED flexible screen, and the refresh rate of this screen can reach 120Hz. The high-end Xiaolong 865 device, Samsung lpddr5 storage and UFS 3.1 super fast flash memory can easily achieve 630000 + results. In terms of lens, iqoo 5 is equipped with a three shot combination of 50million pixel main lens, 13megapixel super wide angle lens and 13megapixel equivalent focal length human image lens. The most important thing is that as a new machine, the preferential activities can not be missed. The official announced that iqoo 5 supports 12 interest free and gives xe710 headphones and half a year extension. This strength is a good way to buy new machines with extremely cost-effective pricing. Of course, iqoo 5 cup will also be officially shipped on September 10. The 120W super fast charging +120hz high refresh surface screen and 120 times long focus camera are excellent performance and a work dedicated to the opening season. The Xiaomi 10 commemorative version adopts the Xiaolong 865 processor, but the GPU frequency has been raised to 725mhz, and the lpddr5 + ufs3.1 combination is combined, and the maximum support for 16GB storage is supported. The top 10 version of Xiaomi 10 is equipped with 6.67 inch 2340 * 1080 resolution AMOLED single hole surface screen in the upper left corner, 120Hz refresh rate, 240Hz touch sampling rate, peak brightness of 1120nit, and camera aspect, the front end is still 20million self-timer The camera, and the rear lens has changed. 48mp looks at the long focus, and Sony imx586 supports up to 120 times digital zoom The starting price of RMB 4999 is not wrong for Xiaomi to choose such a choice in iqoo 5 pro and millet commemorative version. The P40 pro of Huawei is 6.58 inch OLED screen, with resolution of 2640×1200 and refresh rate of 90hz. Four sided surface screen, 50million pixel ryyb wide angle camera + 40m megapixel ultra wide angle camera + 12 megapixel ryyb long focus camera supporting 5 times light change + one TOF sensor with four pictures behind, 4200 Ma + 40W charging and up to 27W charging and ipx68 waterproof and dust-proof. Kylin 990 chip is a rare part that sells one piece and one less. It is right that Huawei’s high-end series only buy pro. The reason why P40 Pro is recommended is that his photos are invincible. The price of 5988 yuan is up to RMB 5988. I believe that the students of tuhao can afford to spend it. The 6.6-inch Samsung custom superamoled display is adopted in the whole system of Meizu 17 series. It not only adopts a larger 19.5:9 size ratio, but also achieves a jaw width of 3.3mm through the industry-leading “COF” technology, which makes the screen account for an amazing 92.9%, and is equipped with a full-scale ar professional imaging system equipped with 6400w+800w+3200w+3d deep detector. Qualcomm Xiaolong 865 processor is increased. Although it has been on the market for a while, it is not out of date at all. The starting price of 3699 yuan is still a product worth buying. It is the most important product of price performance, and iqoo Neo series is the most cost-effective product. Iqoo Neo takes the lowest price of Xiaolong 865 processor with the starting price of 2698 yuan. The screen refresh screen of Xiaolong 865 + ufs3.1 + 144hz has become iqoo The nameplates of neo3, 48million pixel super clear main shot, 8 megapixel ultra wide angle lens and 2 megapixel micro lens also bring confidence to students who love to take photos. It is a good choice to buy the 865 processor cell phone of Xiaolong 865 with RMB 2698. Iqooneo 3 is a good choice. Now, the six phase interest free headset is also presented. For a mobile phone with such low price, it is a family of students who meet the needs of performance and cost-effective. Fifth personality will be updated, please remember your game account, otherwise you may not be able to play normally