Too many samples from asteroids

Due to excessive sampling on the surface of the asteroid bernu, some debris samples collected by the US asteroid probe Osiris Rex leaked into space. NASA scientists held an emergency press conference on the 23rd to announce the news, AP reported on the 24th. They said images sent back to earth showed that a rock had jammed the lid of the container where Osiris Rex collected samples, causing the container to fail to close and the sample to leak. On April 20, Osiris rex20 collected surface samples from the asteroid bernu with a robotic arm. NASA scientists estimate that the robotic arm dug 48 cm deep into bernould’s rough, fragile surface and collected about 400 grams of samples. < p > < p > this is the first time NASA probe has performed an asteroid sample return mission. “To be honest, the sampling test can’t be better,” said Dante Loretta, the mission’s chief scientist However, due to the sample leakage, “we almost became the victims of our own success”. < / P > < p > for the current situation of sample leakage, the ground control personnel can hardly do anything but make the sample container enter the return cabin as soon as possible, and cancel the original sample weighing link. “Time is the key,” said Thomas chubishing, NASA’s Science Mission leader Osiris Rex is expected to return to earth in 2023. The asteroid probe was launched in September 2016 and entered orbit around the asteroid bernu on December 31, 2018. Beinu is only about 500 meters in diameter. It is about 320 million kilometers away from the earth and has a history of 4.5 billion years. It contains materials from the early solar system. < p > < p > NASA believes that the bernu asteroid is a potential threat to the earth. The study of bernu not only helps to increase the understanding of the formation of planets and the origin of life on earth, but also further explores the asteroids that may affect the earth. Older posts →