Too much! Huawei officially announced that no one expected Samsung to “cooperate” like this

Huawei, a great national science and technology enterprise in China, has broken the pattern of monopoly in communication field by American enterprises such as Qualcomm for many years. It is precisely because of the so-called blessing and disaster. Huawei’s acquisition of 5g communication leadership and becoming a new generation of communication overlord will inevitably affect the interests of American enterprises. This is not what the White House wants to see. < p > < p > we should know that in this information age, network communication is the foundation of scientific and technological development. Huawei breaks the original communication pattern, threatens the “technological hegemony” of the US side, and becomes a stumbling block on its road to “world brain”. < p > < p > in order to curb Huawei’s development and gain time for the re emergence of domestic enterprises, in May 2019, the US Ministry of Commerce listed Huawei in the “entity list” under the pretext of “threatening national security”, and prohibited US enterprises from selling components and providing technical services to China. < / P > < p > under the influence of the “entity list”, Google broke its promise and unilaterally terminated its cooperation with Huawei and banned Huawei’s mobile phones from carrying GMS services. This behavior of Google has had a serious impact on Huawei’s development. In particular, the sales volume of overseas mobile phones has dropped sharply, which almost destroyed Huawei’s years of hard work. < p > < p > in order to protect the interests of Huawei’s mobile phone users from being harmed and their own efforts will not be in vain, Huawei has finally come up with a dry product, Hongmeng operating system, which has been under pressure for many years! < p > < p > after more than one year’s efforts of Huawei and global developers, Huawei’s HMS ecological construction has been initially improved, which can fully meet the needs of consumers’ daily life and work. Based on this, at this year’s Huawei global developer conference, Yu Chengdong officially announced that Huawei will release mobile phones equipped with Hongmeng system next year. Recently, Samsung launched a very ironic advertisement on a social platform: my mobile phone supports GMS! Samsung stressed that Samsung mobile phones support complete GMS services, including Google maps, search, etc. < p > < p > under the pressure of the White House, Huawei’s overseas mobile phone market share has indeed declined. But at this time, will Samsung use this despicable method to carve up Huawei’s mobile phone market share, will it succeed? The answer is yes, no! < / P > < p > at present, the smartphone operating system has been monopolized by Android and IOS, and Google and apple suck the blood of consumers. Hundreds of millions of consumers want a new operating system to break this situation. The birth of Hongmeng meets the needs of consumers. < / P > < p > once the Hongmeng operating system is officially put into commercial use, it will cause a huge shock wave for Android and IOS, and will form a pattern of three powers competing for hegemony in a short time. What’s more, Samsung’s marketing advertisement will leave a “villain” bad influence on consumers. As long as there is a suitable mobile phone, the original Samsung mobile phone users will abandon it. It can be said that this advertisement of Samsung is completely a death act. What do you think? Continue Readinggather and watch! Huawei P40 Pro evaluation: excellent mobile phone photography elegant design, do you like it?