Top 10 brands with the most technological value in the world: Apple wins the championship, but Huawei doesn’t even qualify

Although there are many factors that determine whether a country is prosperous or not, the strength of science and technology is definitely one of the key factors. At present, the more advanced the technology, the stronger the comprehensive strength of the country. The application of science and technology can not only change the living standards of local residents, but also play a positive role in the ecology of national resources. Therefore, the strength of science and technology is the top priority in the development of every country. With the development of time, although the development of science and technology level of each country is uneven, but also began to gradually convergence and other assimilation, the giants of science and technology circle are constantly shuffling. < p > < p > at present, well-known foreign statistical institutions have published the latest global brand list with the most scientific and technological value. Compared with previous years, apple is still firmly in the first place, followed by Microsoft, and these two companies in China are the media and netizens who want to “close down”. However, Huawei, which has a high voice in China, is not even qualified to enter the top ten. On the contrary, Tencent has made extraordinary efforts to win the fourth place. < / P > < p > from the list, we can clearly see the gap between the major enterprises. Apple won the championship with $352 billion, an increase of 14% compared with last year. This achievement is indeed a surprise to Xiaobian, because this year coincides with eventful times. Because of the problem of international relations, apple is not worth a pot of vinegar money in the domestic media, and even some media use the topic to play gossip and maliciously guide public opinion, which has caused a great impact on apple. As a result, Apple was hit by the second public opinion, and not only its sales and share in the Chinese market were severely impacted. But with a good brand image and product quality, it’s not easy for apple to grow 14% in such a difficult situation. In the early days, Bill Gates acquired Apple’s underlying technology at the beginning of Apple’s desktop computer release, so there was a long dispute between the two companies. However, under the guidance of jobs, the two families put down their disputes and began to cooperate, focusing on product development. Similarly, Microsoft has a similar experience with apple in China. In the mouth of domestic media and netizens, Microsoft has always been a result of “relying on its huge size and not thinking of making progress”. If you do not advance, you will retreat. ” But it seems that this is not the case. With the resources accumulated in the initial stage, Microsoft still achieved the growth against the trend in the case of rampant piracy in China. With a brand value of $327 billion, it follows apple. Google, which was kicked out of the domestic market, is even more brilliant. Although it dropped one place from last year, it also occupied the third place with $324 billion. What is worth mentioning here is that the voice of Google’s failure in China has been continuous, and the real reason for its withdrawal from the Chinese market is still a mystery. However, in my opinion, if Google had not withdrawn from the Chinese market, first of all, in the e-mail this estimated Netease, QQ mailbox did not have a way to survive. Secondly, Tencent, which is on the cusp of the storm recently, barely ranks fourth with us $151 billion. What Tencent has done in China is obvious to all. Although it is a little difficult to make a name for itself as a service-oriented project focusing on games and social software, compared with other enterprises, Tencent is a thousand miles behind in terms of service. < p > < p > then came Huawei, which has become popular in China and has to change its nationality if it doesn’t buy it. In this list of statistics, Huawei does not appear in the top 10. Although the domestic media reported that Huawei launched 5g and opened a new era, it did not seem to bring much gain to Huawei’s brand value. Then I looked at the data in detail and found that Huawei ranked 15th with 29 billion yuan. Compared with apple, Microsoft, Google and other giants, the difference is more than 10 times. For this phenomenon, Xiaobian thinks it is very reasonable. < / P > < p > although Huawei’s “progress” is seen in the eyes, it depends on who is compared. Compared with Xiaomi, Huawei is a little better in R & D, but compared with apple, Huawei is not only in products, but also in operation. The reason why Apple has been able to hold the first place in the world is directly related to Apple’s values. Why is apple still standing even though Apple is so popular in China? Why can Samsung spray away? Very simple, by comparing the past generations of Apple products, we can easily find that Apple pays more attention to user experience than other brands. What about mobile phones? In pursuit of high pixel big camera, even today, some people still question: “do we really need large camera?” But Apple mobile phone has no doubt about this aspect. We can always feel that the functions that it introduces or optimizes are available to us. As a brand feature, Apple’s fluency, value preservation, simplicity and ease of use all make it easy for apple to interact with users. Especially in the hands of office workers, the highly intelligent system builds a bridge between them and the working environment, so that they can finish complex and heavy work more easily and quickly. These characteristics are likely to make apple once again the top of the world’s most technological value brands. < / P > < p > conclusion: it’s good to be honest with your ears. Every day, if you can’t do this, you can’t do it yourself. Don’t you have any points in your heart? Is it impractical for him to think about how to make a good product? New product launch