Top 10 issue 79: how about playing cards on the ground? Let’s change to a mobile phone!

Jiuyou Research Institute is a spontaneous team organized by Jiuyou app players. It focuses on popular information tracking, game playing research, and personal strategy experience sharing, hoping that every player can have a more happy and less worry! < p > < p > welcome to “yuejiuyou, a Jun said” top 10 mobile games selected weekly. Take you to play all over the game world, I am your favorite a Jun! Remember the time when you squatted on the ground playing cards after school? adult! Times have changed! Now you can squat on the ground and play cards with your mobile phone! So today, let’s have a look at the strange “old age type card game” in mobile phones ~ < / P > < p > Zhuge Liang killed Liu Bei and Cao Cao hammered Zhao Yun, which can’t be seen in other places, but can be seen everywhere in hero killing! This card strategy board game created by Tencent’s game is a perfect “marriage” between Chinese history and desktop games. In a unique way, it shows a vivid historical figure and a historical story of guessing. In addition to the classic “killing” game, it also has rich 3v3, qualifying competition and friends’ team formation. It also integrates the hero DIY and treasure matching game. With thousands of level challenges, we invite you to create heroes together and kill the world! < / P > < p > a long time ago, Jun a thought that with so many roles of yin and Yang masters, they were more suitable for making a unique set of cards! little does one think! I want to go with the officials! Is a no routine monster card game. More than 100 top painters have created exquisite cards with ingenuity to perform the classic roles familiar to them. In the ship of the secret place that runs through the three realms, she incarnates as a demon and swims with the ghosts, and launches a passionate duel with the new original rules. Rich strategy, fair fight, exquisite harmony, this is the universe! However, should I ask for an “idea fee” with Netease? How can we play less cards! After all, this is Blizzard’s only mobile game now. After all Blizzard in the legend produces each exquisite product! In the game, players can choose one of the ten classic heroes in the series of Warcraft, and set up their own unique deck around the hero’s occupation to fight with other players. The rhythm of the game is relatively lively. It has the feeling of fighting with friends in a tavern. The flexibility and strategy between the card groups are also very high. With friends, you can get a good start! < / P > < p > remember the lovely little man! Now you can take them to “paper soldiers”! You can collect and upgrade dozens of army, magic, and defensive building cards you know and love, as well as 74 royal family characters: princes, knights, baby dragons, etc. These cards come in different qualities and types, and you can start a fight, knock down the Royal towers of the opposing kings and princesses to win the game and win trophies, crowns and glory. You can also create or join a tribe and donate cards to each other to form a battle alliance of your own. < / P > < p > remember the fear of being dominated by cards? Remember the rare and yearning “rainbow card”! Japanese fantasy theme card game hand tour developed by Japan’s cygames company – coming! This game has rich strategy, unique evolution system, strong competitive playing method, gorgeous card drawing, hundreds of super popular voice actors and original Japanese fantasy story, so that you can enjoy the visual feast in the Japanese fantasy world at the same time. < / P > < p > three minutes! Three minutes, you can’t afford to lose, you can’t be fooled! Three minutes, only once! Play one tenth of the League! But in the middle, you can play a good game of competitive cards! This game has a complete mechanism, affixes, world outlook, and rich routines. Compared with other TCG card games, its biggest difference is that it is easy to group cards and supports free trade. This is a real TCG, like to play cards you, this game is worth trying. < / P > < p > want to play cards but can’t recite them? If you want to make a deck, you can’t collect so many cards? Want a simple game, but always can’t draw the card you want? The innovative small card group design of 8 monster CARDS + 8 equipment cards gives you the original card competition at any time with the light rhythm of one game in three minutes. To help you solve the problem of where the people are and where the chessboard is! Really help you solve the problem of card matching! Light card group, light strategy, save heart and effort! < / P > < p > this is a combination of two classic game methods, TCG + wargame, to achieve a 1 + 1 & gt; 2 game effect. It not only solves the problem that the number of traditional wargame units is small and the game time is too long, but also makes up for the disadvantages of the character image in TCG card game. In the game, the player should control the hero to move on the battlefield, occupy resources, use cards to summon followers, release magic and equip weapons to fight. It is worth mentioning that at the beginning of the game, a card can be changed at the beginning of the game, and players can recast a card in each round, which is the gospel of niggers! Players who can’t draw the card of destiny! Download it and get the chance to “smoke again”! < / P > < p > China’s Yin Yang and five elements can be regarded as the earliest balanced “tactical mode”! However, the cards of “Wuxing Xiangke” are mainly based on Chinese mythology, drawing lessons from the traditional concept of “five elements coexisting and restraining each other”, and have made a lot of tactical innovation in the “five elements mutual restraint”. Wu Xia Amun, a game producer, has been playing strategy card games for 18 years. Only by constantly improving the numbers and rules of the game can we have a sincere work of numerical balance, free collocation and unique playing methods. If you want to feel the uniqueness of pure balance and tactical collocation, download it quickly! < / P > < p > chess and Weiqi all have pieces and scores. Why can’t we play card games! In, you will play the role of Summoner to challenge the cunning opponent and the powerful secret boss through card to card combat. Skillfully use various strategies to combine your own deck, control the ever-changing situation, and finally win the victory, becoming a respected card master. The most important thing is that there are not only classic card playing methods, but also rich playing methods such as endgame, round drawing and open play. You feel that you are invincible in the world? Do you want to try to solve the problem? Video Number assistant internal test online! Four functions let you send 1g video on the computer