Top Huawei is the price butcher, falling from 4199 to 2879256gb + 40W fast charging

In the past six months, 5g mobile phones have sprung up in the market, and the prices of a number of 5g products that started to appear on the market began to drop rapidly. Among them, Huawei v30pro dropped from 4199 yuan to 2879 yuan. The top Huawei flagship incarnation price butcher has become the first choice for many consumers to buy a machine in the 3000 yuan price range. < p > < p > glory v30pro was launched at the end of last year and was one of the most outstanding mobile phones at that time. Equipped with Kirin 9905g processor, Antu rabbit test score is about 500000. With 8GB running memory and various Turbo Technologies, glory v30pro can achieve the smooth operation without losing the performance of Apple mobile phone. Although the running score is not as good as the snapdragon 865 flagship, due to the highly unified system and hardware design, the use experience is not inferior to any new machine. < / P > < p > glory v30pro is also equipped with 256gb storage space. If necessary, users can use the mobile phone as a mobile USB flash disk. This configuration also allows users to say goodbye to the lack of space since then. Even if they often brush microblogs and catch up with dramas, they don’t have to worry that there is no place to store photos or files. It has a great advantage for consumers who have already participated in the work. < / P > < p > as we all know, the core hardware has never been an advantage of Huawei products. The real advantage of the glory v30pro lies in its photo taking ability. It is equipped with a rear three camera lens, the main camera is equipped with Sony imx600 sensor and ryyb filter array. The light input can be increased by 40% compared with ordinary sensors. Based on this bright spot, the night auction ability of glory v30pro can be significantly ahead of the competitors. < / P > < p > in addition, glory v30pro also supports 30x digital zoom technology, which can capture images from a distance, and has rich functions. It also has a very strong endurance, with a battery capacity of 4100 MAH, which is not very large in the strict sense. Fortunately, the machine supports 40W wired fast charging technology and 27W wireless charging scheme. With the support of the above two technologies, glory v30pro can always keep fully charged. < / P > < p > the appearance of the machine is not eye-catching. The front hole digging screen with the rear matrix lens module has no characteristics, but it does not drag the mobile phone to configure the rear legs. Glory v30pro is still innovating in color matching. Although it is far from Huawei’s P-Series or mate series, it still has no problem reaching the pass line of the flagship. < / P > < p > generally speaking, glory v30pro is a super powerful bucket machine. Within 3000 yuan, no model can completely suppress glory v30pro. Of course, glory V30 is not unique in any aspect. However, glory v30pro is indeed superior to the contrast products in most projects, which is also the main reason why glory mobile phone has quietly won market share of other manufacturers in the past two years. Continue Reading865 optimization is different? These mobile phones should teach you a lesson!