Top match! EOS R5, A9 II: who are the best tools for ecological photography

On July 9, 2020, Canon released its flagship dedicated micro camera EOS R5. This camera not only has 45 million high pixels and 8K video shooting performance, but also is extremely powerful in focusing system and continuous shooting. EOS R5 is equipped with the second generation full pixel dual core focusing technology, and has 5940 automatic focus bits with 100% area coverage. It has increased the eye and face focus recognition ability of cats, dogs, birds and other animals. Whether it is taking pictures or recording video, the focusing ability has excellent performance. In terms of continuous shooting, the highest continuous shooting speed of EOS R5 can reach 20fps. When using the high-speed CF express card, the continuous shooting duration is almost unlimited. < / P > < p > high speed continuous shooting + powerful focusing system and EOS R5 with telephoto lens are perfect ecological photography tools, which can quickly and accurately capture the moment of animal agility. Seeing this, some friends will have such a question: Sony micro single A9 II also has 20fps continuous shooting performance and powerful focusing system, so which one is more suitable for ecological photography? Now let’s make a simple comparison of the performance of the two cameras in bird fighting. < / P > < p > we know that to photograph birds, especially birds in flight, requires a strong camera focusing system. Canon EOS R5 is the first camera in the industry to support bird face and eye detection and focusing function, which can more accurately capture birds in flight and greatly improve the success rate of shooting. < / P > < p > although the 693 phase focusing system of Sony A9 II is also very powerful, because it does not have the function of detecting and focusing birds’ faces and eyes, it will not be able to keep up with the actual shooting. < / P > < p > from the above two GIF motion pictures, we can see the focusing performance of the two cameras. The focus of EOS R5 is always on the bird’s face. No matter whether it looks up or down, it has no effect on focusing, and its sensitivity is very high. < p > < p > the tracking and focusing performance of A9 II is also very good, but we can see that the focus will still be lost, that is to say, when we use A9 II for high-speed continuous shooting “bird shooting”, several photos may be defocused. < / P > < p > by combining more than 70 photos into GIF animation, we can see that the subject of each frame is very clear, especially its head position. < / P > < p > for the White Swan with obvious contrast, EOS R5 performs well. What if it is a bird with smaller target and less obvious contrast? What if the bird is still flying at high speed? Let’s use EOS R5 to capture the flying night heron.

each photo is out of question. No problem F5.6, shutter 1/800 second, focal length 400mm, sensitivity ISO 400

. We can see that the shooting of small body size and high speed flying night heron, EOS R5 still awesome. All the user needs to do is hold down the shutter and move the camera along the bird’s trajectory, leaving the rest to EOS R5. The appearance of EOS R5 makes it easy to shoot birds, a highly technical photography subject. < / P > < p > for bird lovers and ecological photographers, it is important to record the wonderful moments, but sometimes it is necessary to record the daily activities and habits of birds by video. EOS R5 can not only record 8K Ultra HD video, but also has the function of short film servo auto focusing, with high coverage and accurate accuracy. < / P > < p > EOS R5 in the whole video recording process, no matter how the Swan moves, the focus frame is always locked in the head. 8K UHD with excellent focusing performance, using EOS R5 to shoot some short Bird Records is no problem. < / P > < p > EOS R5 has the function of bird face and eye recognition, so it can provide very fast and accurate focusing performance whether it is taking photos or recording video, with few mistakes in use and high success rate. Even novice photographers can shoot high-quality works. < / P > < p > in fact, in bird ecological photography, the 400mm lens can only be said to have just crossed the threshold, and the 600mm cannon with the augmented range mirror is the daily life of senior bird fighting users. The use of EOS R5 can avoid the embarrassment of being unable to shoot because of insufficient focal length. The 45 million high pixels of this camera can not only bring exquisite image quality, but also provide conditions for secondary creation of post-processing and cutting photos. Even if the lens focal length is out of reach, it can be compensated by high pixels. < / P > < p > in the first photo above, the two wild ducks at the back of the picture enter and exit at random, which is unnecessary for the performance of the theme. So I cut them off. We can see that although nearly 1 / 2 of the photos have been cut off, the output photos still have a delicate image, and even the fluff on the duck’s mouth is clearly visible, which is the credit of 45 million pixels. < / P > < p > the night heron flying in the air can only be photographed at 400mm away. The aperture f5.6, shutter 1 / 800s, focal length 400mm, sensitivity ISO 400 < / P > < p > the effective pixels of Sony A9 II are only 24 million. Under such extreme magnification, the image fineness after cutting is obviously insufficient. < / P > < p > the two cameras have inherited the consistent color performance of their respective brands, but there is no obvious difference between the advantages and disadvantages. Just from the JPEG format photos straight out of this point of view, the author is more inclined to Canon’s more bright and colorful style, directly take it with no problem. < / P > < p > for ecological photography, the most secure way is to set up a tripod or tripod. However, in order to better photograph animals, hand-held photography is inevitable. At this time, in addition to improving the shutter speed to prevent chattering, the body and lens anti shake system is also very important. < / P > < p > EOS R5 has five axis fuselage anti shake technology, combined with Canon RF lens is anti shake technology, can have better practical effect in dual anti shake, anti shake can achieve up to 8 levels of effect compensation. Compared with the Sony A9 II 5.5 gear anti shake effect is undoubtedly more powerful. < / P > < p > we used the same shooting parameters to photograph the Yellow billed Ibis stork with EOS R5 and A9 II respectively. The anti shake performance of the two models is very good. Clear images can be obtained by using 1 / 30 second handheld shooting at the 300 mm end. When the photo is 100% enlarged, we can see that EOS R5 is better than EOS R5, and the feathers of the Yellow billed Ibis stork are clearly visible, while the image of A9 II is a bit “blurred”. < / P > < p > there is no doubt that the performance of the flagship EOS R5 and A9 II is excellent in the professionalism of the operation. Multi way rocker, mode turntable, double wheel These settings allow senior filmmakers to quickly and accurately adjust the camera state for better shooting. However, the control of high-end models can not only be professional, but also be easier to use. In this regard, the EOS R5 with a multi touch screen performs better. What can the touch screen of EOS R5 do? I think the most important points are as follows: 1. The focus area can be selected by touch on the screen, and the focusing action is completed when the shooting subject is selected. 2. In the face of the complicated menu of professional models, you can operate the camera like a mobile phone by touch. Even if the adjustment options are in different categories, you can switch quickly. 3. When you play back a picture, you can zoom in and out of the picture by opening and closing your fingers. You can also move your fingers to browse other areas of the picture. However, the A9 II screen only supports single touch and has few options. After the focus area is selected by touch control, it is necessary to press the shutter half to complete the focusing action. When playing back the picture, double-click on the screen to enlarge the picture to full size. If you want to zoom in, you must use the key operation. Complicated menu can only be operated by rocker and key. If more than two options need to be adjusted and they are not in the same category, it will take a long time. < / P > < p > after high-speed continuous shooting, EOS R5 can easily view photos, which is fast and easy to operate. After confirmation, it can immediately enter the shooting state and wait for the best opportunity. However, A9 II is not very convenient when browsing photos, even because the operation is complex and takes a long time, so the best shooting time is missed. Another thing I really like about EOS R5 is that it has a monochromatic shoulder screen that is rarely seen on micro single cameras. In fact, the monochromatic shoulder screen is very useful for users to better understand the working state of the camera. The parameters such as battery capacity, aperture and shutter are clear at a glance. < / P > < p > both EOS R5 and A9 II are flagship models in their respective brands. Their powerful performance can be easily done even in the face of extremely demanding ecological photography. In comparison, the advantage of EOS R5 is very obvious. It has more advantages in image quality, focusing, anti shake performance and manipulation, and has a higher success rate in ecological photography. Therefore, we recommend Canon EOS R5 for ecological photography. In addition, compared with the 34999 yuan price of Sony A9 II, Canon EOS R5 with a price of 25999 yuan undoubtedly has a higher price performance ratio. Xiaomi new machine real machine exposure center dig hole screen design or high color thousand yuan machine