Top optical quality Sony Fe 12-24mm f2.8 GM evaluation

As early as 2017, Sony released a super wide-angle zoom lens Fe 12-24mm f4g with a wide-angle end of 12mm. Although the size is relatively small and light, the aperture of the lens is only f4.0, and it is a Sony g lens series. For some professional users and Sony’s full picture micro single users who pursue top-level image quality performance, they may not be fully satisfied. However, Sony finally officially released a full frame super wide angle constant f2.8 large aperture zoom lens Fe 12-24mm f2.8 GM of master G series, extending the focus range of constant f2.8 zoom lens to 12mm. This lightweight multi-purpose master g lens is very suitable for shooting scenery, starry sky, architecture and sports. With its compact and lightweight lens design, it provides excellent mobility for photographers with ultra wide angle shooting needs. < p > < p > < p > “g master lens” as the flagship product line of Sony e-bayonet lens, mainly focuses on high-quality and soft focus, so for this Fe 12-24mm f2.8 The performance of GM lens in terms of optical quality can be completely assured. The constant large aperture of f2.8 can achieve soft defocusing and provide an ultra wide viewing angle of 12mm, which means that Sony Fe bayonet lens constant f2.8 aperture series also covers the focal length range from 12mm to 200mm. Sony Fe 12-24mm f2.8 GM adopts 14 sets of 17 pieces of optical structure, with three high-precision XA super aspheric lenses, which are also the largest XA lenses Sony has used. In addition, there are three ed low dispersion lenses and two super ed lenses. In addition, Fe 12-24mm f2.8 GM is the first to use the second generation nano AR coating applied to the surface of large lenses or high curvature lenses. < p > < p > as an ultra wide angle zoom lens, Sony Fe 12-24mm f2.8 GM has a very good shape and weight control. The overall weight is only 847g. As a reference, Canon EF 11-24mm f4l USM weighs 1180g, but its aperture is only f4.0. At the same time, the lens also has rich function settings, which can realize professional control. It includes a self-defined focus hold button, focusing mode switch, zoom ring and focusing ring. The layout is reasonable and easy to operate. < / P > < p > linear response MF enables the focusing ring to respond to fine tuning directly during manual focusing operation, realizing fast and accurate control. The lens is dust-proof and moisture-proof. The rear filter holder can accommodate insert ND filter, polarizer and other filters to expand the possibility of shooting. Especially when shooting scenery, it is more practical and convenient than large-size front filter frame and large square filter. < / P > < p > the lens obviously shows that the front group of lenses is a convex lens “big bulb” design, so it can better protect the lens with the fixed baffle design. In addition, the front lens has a fluoride coating, which can reduce the chances of water stains, oil stains, dust and other pollutants on the lens surface, and it is easier to wipe fingerprints. In addition, Sony Fe 12-24mm f2.8 GM lens uses four XD linear motors with high speed and high thrust to meet the current and future high-speed focusing requirements of the camera. Each focus group of the lens has two XD linear motors, which can quickly move the focus lens group to achieve fast, accurate and quiet autofocus. The new focusing control algorithm can maximize the response of XD linear motor and realize the synchronization between two focusing lens groups. In addition, XD linear motor makes the lens less vibration and quieter when focusing. < p > < p > Sony g master lens Fe 12-24mm f2.8 GM adopts 14 groups of 17 pieces structure and three XA lenses with excellent precision. The combination of XA lens and other aspheric lens can effectively suppress astigmatism, coma aberration and distortion until the image edge. In addition, three ed lenses plus two super ed lenses can effectively suppress color difference and provide excellent high resolution in the focal range and center to edge. Moreover, the lens also has the second generation of nano AR coating technology, which can maintain high resolution and contrast in the whole imaging range even under complex light conditions. As can be seen from the above official MTF figure, Sony g master lens Fe 12-24mm f2.8 GM has excellent image quality, and the far end seems to be slightly better. Let’s take a look at the center and edge resolution of this Fe 12-24mm f2.8 GM in actual shooting. < / P > < p > we can see from the quality of all levels of aperture at the 12mm wide-angle end of the lens that Sony g master lens Fe 12-24mm f2.8 When GM uses the maximum aperture of f2.8, the center image quality is very clear and sharp, completely usable, and the edge image quality is slightly poor. However, as an ultra wide zoom lens, it can be regarded as excellent, and the image quality performance is better than many lenses of the same specification; however, after f4.0 aperture, the image quality has been greatly improved, and the edge image quality is also very clear and sharp. On the whole, the overall image quality of the lens between f4.0-f11 apertures at 12mm focal length is very sharp. Both the central and edge areas are satisfactory. The F16 aperture is slightly fleshed, but it is completely within the available range. < / P > < p > as shown in the official MTF chart, the performance of Fe 12-24mm f2.8 GM lens is better at 24mm end, especially the edge image quality. There is almost no significant difference between the center and edge image quality, even at the maximum aperture of f2.8. At the minimum aperture of F22, the image quality is slightly reduced due to diffraction phenomenon, but the center and edge also maintain a certain sharpness, which can be used safely in some environments such as long burst or requiring smaller aperture. On the whole, Sony Fe 12-24mm f2.8 GM lens has excellent resolution performance for ultra wide lens, completely reaching the high level of flagship lens. < / P > < p > this time, Sony has equipped Fe 12-24mm f2.8 GM with three XA super aspheric lenses with excellent precision. At the same time, it is also the largest XA lens made by alpha series lenses so far. With three ed low dispersion lenses and two super ed ultra-low dispersion lenses, it can effectively solve the axial color difference and eliminate edge dispersion and false color when magnifying photos. From the above screenshot, the lens also shows very good dispersion control ability. Even in the f 2.8 aperture, there is no obvious purple edge or blue-green edge. It can be said that this Fe 12-24mm f2.8 GM lens has considerable advantages in dispersion control. < p > < p > distortion control is an important factor to consider the quality of ultra wide angle lens. From the actual shooting effect, Sony Fe 12-24mm f2.8 GM has much better distortion control than expected. Sony full frame micro single camera automatically turns on the internal correction function by default, so even at the 12mm end where barrel distortion is most likely to occur, it still looks horizontal and vertical, and there is no obvious barrel or pillow distortion with naked eyes. This is rare in ultra wide zoom lens, and the effect of rich special lenses is very obvious. < / P > < p > as an ultra wide angle lens, Sony g master lens Fe 12-24mm f2.8 GM has dark angle dimming when the f 2.8 aperture is fully opened in 12mm focal length. However, the edge loss of light can be improved after the aperture is reduced to f4.0, but it is completely normal for a wide-angle lens. When the f 2.8 aperture is fully open, there is no dark angle loss. < / P > < p > from the sample film taken, Sony Fe 12-24mm f2.8 GM has no obvious glare or flare even if it uses a very small aperture. With the support of the second generation nano AR coating technology, it can effectively inhibit the internal reflection and reduce glare and ghost shadow to a greater extent. In addition, when the aperture is small, the lens with 9 circular aperture leaves has a very good star awn effect. < / P > < p > compared with a wide-angle lens of 16mm, this Sony g master Fe 12-24mm f2.8 GM lens has the widest 12 mm focal length, which can shoot a magnificent picture with 122 ° angle of view. The strong perspective produced by this perspective is incomparable to that of 16 mm focal length. It is particularly obvious when shooting magnificent scenery and buildings. In addition, the excellent distortion and dark angle control of the lens make it very suitable for scenery and architecture shooting. < / P > < p > in addition to the viewing angle, this Fe 12-24mm f2.8 GM is currently Sony’s most extensive full frame micro single lens with f2.8 aperture, and is the first choice for shooting starry sky. In addition, Sony’s use of materials is very sufficient. The use of various special lenses, especially the use of three super large XA aspheric lenses, has made this lens one of the best in the same type of lens. At present, if you are a Sony full frame micro single user, if you want to buy a top quality ultra wide angle zoom lens, then it is absolutely Fe 12-24mm f2.8 GM. Straight screen S20! Samsung Galaxy S20 Fe exposure: 1Hz high brush + snapdragon 865