Top vivo sales, Samsung AMOLED screen + snapdragon 865 + 4440mah, 128GB price cut 780 yuan

Vivo has entered a high-speed development stage this year. The flagship of vivo nex3s has officially entered the 5g high-end market. Meanwhile, in the period of its own development, vivo has also created a lot of high-quality mobile phones for iqoo, a sub brand. Iqoo 3 integrates many features of vivo mobile phone, such as strong endurance, high-quality screen and high-performance processor. Many configurations of vivo nex3s are embodied in iqoo 3.

in order to impact sales, the price of the iqoo 3 is only 3018 yuan. It is worth mentioning that the vivo x50pro recently released by vivo has a higher price than it, but the performance of the vivo x50pro is not inferior to iqoo 3. Looking at the current market, iqoo 3 this high-performance 5g mobile phone, or can take charge of its own.

this time, iqoo 3 has many features. Dual Wi Fi acceleration technology, E-sports mode, linear motor, etc., all provide assistance to iqoo 3, and also give iqoo 3 several advantages in market competition.

iqoo 3 pursues the ultimate picture, so it adopts a Samsung AMOLED screen with a size of 6.44 inches, a resolution of 2400 * 1080, and a screen fingerprint scheme. And iqoo 3 is the most brilliant processor, supported by the snapdragon 865 high-performance processor, and the new 7-nanometer process, which is extremely fast in processing and computing.

in the camera part, iqoo 3 is more detailed. It is equipped with high-resolution four camera, 48 million pixel main camera, 13 million pixel wide-angle camera, 13 million pixel portrait and 2 million pixel depth of field. Although the four cameras have different characteristics, the portrait camera is the most special, which can achieve twice the optical zoom.

in addition, the front is a 16 megapixel single shot with a large f / 2.45 aperture, which makes it clearer when shooting with sufficient light input. Iqoo 3 has a 4440 Ma large battery, which supports 55W wired fast charging and reverse charging, with extremely fast charging speed.

in the market, iqoo does not have a great influence on itself, but with the support of vivo, it grows step by step and becomes a hot sub brand in the market. Iqoo 3 is a good time to catch up. With the maturity of 5g technology, mobile phones directly change from 4G to 5g, and iqoo 3 has become a brand new product, which is first-class in function and design.

iqoo 3 has become the cheapest snapdragon 865 mobile phone on the market after several price cuts. The 8GB + 128GB version of iqoo 3 only sells for 3018 yuan, diving 780 yuan. That is to say, you can buy a high-performance 5g mobile phone at the price of 5g midrange mobile phone. Therefore, many netizens think iqoo 3 is the most cost-effective snapdragon 865 mobile phone. What do you think?

Author: zmhuaxia