Touch screen monitor with high cost performance: baishiyue R5 experience

As a digital blogger, in addition to often taking some photos, now also slowly began to do video, after all, in the 5g era can not keep pace with the pace will be cast aside by the times. However, I don’t have my team. A person has to do a lot of things. The most painful time is when I need to take a self portrait, but I find that my micro single screen does not support flipping. I wanted to have a monitor for my Sony a6300 for a long time. In addition to the fact that its screen doesn’t support flipping, what’s more, the screen of Sony’s micro single is so bad that it can’t be broken off. I didn’t expect to be overturned by Sina public test again. This time, I received the full touch screen monitor of baishiyue R5 SLR provided by Sina public test. For me, it’s just a timely help. After a period of trial, I’d like to share with you this 5.5-inch small touch screen monitor. < / P > < p > I have tried to use mobile phone + app as a micro single monitor before, but the effect is not very ideal. The main reason is that the control during shooting will be more or less inconvenient. In addition, the function of app is not very friendly to the camera. When I just received this product, I still felt very delicate when I looked at the package. Especially, the function features and some main parameters of baisiyue R5 were listed in detail on the back. < / P > < p > after opening the package, the products and accessories are wrapped by sponge buffer structure. For a photography accessory product with a price of more than 1000 yuan, it is necessary to do some protection. After all, the money is not a small amount. The accessories include sun visor, snail pan tilt, mini HDMI video cable, micro HDMI video cable, d-tap cable, SD card, dust cloth and manual. < / P > < p > the appearance of baishiyue R5 monitor is quite exquisite. Although it is made of plastic material, it has a lot of poor texture compared with metal material. However, considering its portability and cost performance, and considering its price, we should accept it frankly. The metal material is heavier after all. < / P > < p > the screen size of bestview R5 is 5.5 inches, which is similar to the size of mobile phones currently used. It weighs only 199 grams without battery, so it can be easily put into the pocket and is very convenient to carry out. < / P > < p > although it is mainly portable, it has rich interfaces. There are 1 / 4 threaded interfaces on the bottom and right sides of the device. There is also an 8V DC out reverse power supply output and 3.5mm audio output in the lower left position, and the SD card is on the right. < / P > < p > only one power button is designed at the top of the button, which is also the only function button on the R5 of baishiyue. There is a DC in interface on the side of the monitor, and two HDMI are responsible for input and output respectively. If you use it as a Sony a6300 monitor, you only need to connect the HDMI cable to HDMI in. < / P > < p > you can see a groove on the back. For photographers and cameramen, such a groove is very common. For example, it can also appear on portable LED lights. This groove is used to put battery power into baishiyue R5. However, the battery is not included in the standard configuration of baishiyue R5, which needs to be purchased separately. In addition, it is worth mentioning that the battery slot of baishiyue R5 can support two battery specifications, namely np-f and E6, which is more convenient for photographers to choose accessories. < / P > < p > although the detachable battery has many advantages, for example, it is very convenient to bring several more batteries to replace when it is often necessary to take a long time to shoot the scene. However, I feel that the weight of the portable monitor with batteries is a little bit too flattering. For example, I use the NP-F970 battery. With the monitor, it weighs about 396 grams, which still does not include the weight of the sunshade. If it is a built-in lithium battery, and support fast charging and power supply of the power bank, it would be better. < / P > < p > the snail pan tilt that comes with it is so easy to use. It can connect the monitor to the hot boot interface of the camera. It also supports 360 ° rotation and can adjust the pitch angle. This is applicable to almost all scenes for daily shooting. It has been learned that some monitors use spherical PTZ, which is not easy to use when used with cameras. < / P > < p > my Sony a6300 has a mini HDMI interface. You can connect the camera and the monitor by using the mini HDMI video cable. The operation is still very simple, and Xiaobai can also use it directly. Then turn on the switch of the camera and the monitor, you can see that the camera picture is directly displayed on the monitor, the whole process does not need any settings < / P > < p > the touch screen can be said to be the biggest highlight of baisiyue R5 monitor. Although there are still many SLRs or monitors that still use the design of physical buttons, it is undeniable that the operation of the touch screen is more consistent In line with the trend of the future, now many SLR and micro single display are touch operated, so don’t be so cool when using it. < / P > < p > baishiyue brings the operation logic on the smart phone to the monitor, and the operation gesture is very similar to that on the smart phone. Therefore, when we need to do some operations on the monitor, there is basically no learning cost, so we can use it directly, which improves the usability of our operation. However, I think there is still a lot of room for improvement in the sensitivity of the touch screen. The delay of this operation is about to catch up with that of the resistance screen mobile phone a few years ago, and many times there will be stuck. In addition, it should be noted that the touch operation of this monitor can be turned on or off by clicking the power button. < / P > < p > in the monitor screen of baishiyue R5, we can adjust the exposure assistance, focus and composition, LUT settings, display settings, system settings separately, so that the photographer can view the current picture more intuitively when shooting objects. In addition, baishiyue R5 also provides a variety of complete image color analysis auxiliary functions, such as brightness histogram, RGB histogram, brightness waveform, RGB waveform, pseudo color, etc., so that the photographer can more intuitively analyze the exposure degree and focusing situation of the current picture when shooting. < / P > < p > another feature is that BSV R5 supports 3D LUT custom function: after inserting the attached SD card into the card slot, you can select different styles of shooting pictures in the monitor menu. After loading the LUT file, you can directly watch the desired stylized effect in the front, which can save a lot of later cost. When shooting some materials, it can achieve a good monitoring effect in the early stage. < / P > < p > it takes some time to import LUT from SD card for the first time, but this does not affect its friendly experience. In addition, in the attached SD card, baishiyue has stored many LUT files, which is worthy of praise. Although the function of loading LUT is no longer a new function, baishiyue is also the first batch to directly download the LUT loading function to the 1000 yuan level monitor, which is still very conscientious. < / P > < p > usually, photographers purchase monitors only for these two needs. On the one hand, they can have a better monitoring experience. On the other hand, it is very important to obtain more accurate exposure through the monitor. The functions mentioned above, such as histogram, waveform, zebra crossing, peak focus, etc., can help us to accurately expose and focus the picture. A better monitoring experience depends on the quality of the monitor screen. The physical resolution of baishiyue R5 monitor is 1920 * 1080, and the pixel density is 401ppi. In addition, it also supports the lossless input and output of 4K HDMI signal. Its visual angle is 178 ° and 450 CD / m2 brightness and 1000:1 high contrast also make the visual effect clearer and display effect very delicate. Such parameters are enough for daily shooting. I don’t know how many grades are better than Sony’s a6300 display. Its 450 nit brightness is enough for indoor use, but it is necessary to wear a hood when it is suitable for outdoor use. < / P > < p > in addition, it is worth mentioning that this monitor provides HDR monitoring function. During the actual test, it is found that the function of this HDR is similar to the effect of adjusting gamma curve. However, due to the two defects of 450 nit brightness of the screen and no support of rec2020 color, the effect of HDR monitoring is not very ideal. However, considering that I can’t use HDR to shoot my daily work, this little regret doesn’t matter to me. < / P > < p > after using it for a period of time, the improvement of baishiyue R5 for my video shooting is still very obvious, especially in the two aspects of exposure and focus, it gives me strong assistance, and there will be no virtual focus, overexposure or under exposure in the early stage. It avoids some unnecessary duplication and greatly improves the daily work efficiency. Especially in self shooting or vlog recording, its snail pan tilt also allows the monitor and camera lens to face me at the same time to view the picture information in real time. < / P > < p > on the whole, this monitor is still very perfect in terms of functions. It has all the functions that other monitors at the same price should have, and all the functions that others don’t have, such as double finger amplification, 3D LUT loading, pseudo color, composition assistance, headphone monitoring, HDMI output and other functions are necessary. In addition, the most impressive thing about this monitor is that its operation menu logic is very clear, and the classification is also very clear. It is very user-friendly and can quickly find the functions that you want to adjust. Although there are many other options for monitors at the same price, there are still too few products with such workmanship and functions as BSV R5. Of course, we can’t deny that baishiyue R5 also has many disadvantages. For example, the brightness of the screen is not very large, and you can only barely see the picture when you wear a hood in the outdoor big sun; the hood looks simple and inconvenient to use. Finally, the touch screen is sometimes not sensitive enough for operation, and I don’t know whether it is caused by film sticking. Continue ReadingDeveloped a “plug and play” solar power generation scheme, and “5B” won a $12 million round a financing