Trump did not expect that, after Huawei sounded the alarm, Loongson decided to give up American technology

Speaking of the domestic science and technology industry, many people will express their regret and worry, because with the aggravation of the Huawei incident, the situation of the domestic science and technology industry is imminent, and the advantages and disadvantages of self research and non self research are reflected. For example, Huawei’s 5g technology is completely self-developed. Even if it is suppressed by the United States, it has not achieved any effect, and even let the United States touch a nose of dust. However, the chip industry in China mainly relies on the purchase of chips from foreign companies. Even Huawei can only complete its own research on a small part of the chip industry. From raw materials to manufacturing, Huawei and even Chinese enterprises are basically unable to achieve self-sufficiency, which leads to the situation of being “stuck in the neck”. Therefore, the development of domestic science and technology industry is imminent, “de beautification” is also imminent. In fact, objectively speaking, in today’s era of globalization, each country plays a different role in the science and technology industry. For example, in the semiconductor field, some countries are responsible for raw materials, some countries are responsible for manufacturing, some countries are responsible for equipment and design, but China has no core technology in this industry, so it has no voice in the semiconductor field, and there is no bargaining chip when Huawei is under pressure. < p > < p > in this case, Huawei is also aware of the disadvantages of the domestic semiconductor industry, so it has begun to decide to develop itself in the chip industry in an all-round way, that is, to do IDM business. From design to R & D, and then to the final manufacturing, sealing and testing, all are completed by ourselves. Of course, the workload is not so heavy, so Huawei will probably spend a long time. < / P > < p > at the same time, although we can solve the problems in design and manufacturing, we still can’t get rid of foreign enterprises in chip architecture. For example, Huawei has been using the architecture authorization of arm company. With the upgrade of “entity list”, Huawei is also facing the problem of not getting the latest architecture authorization. As can be seen, all kinds of situations indicate our weakness. However, in the face of this disadvantage, in addition to Huawei, the Chinese R & D team is also determined to be self reliant and self-sufficient, ready to use its strength to realize 100% localization, and no longer let foreign enterprises “choke” on themselves, and Loongson is the first product to benefit. As a domestic chip in China, Godson still uses some American technologies, such as the MIPs architecture technology of the United States. Loongson constantly improves and upgrades the MIPs architecture technology relying on its own capabilities. However, just like the relationship between Huawei and arm, MIPs architecture is only authorized to Loongson. In case of any accident, it will be cut off. In this case, the Loongson R & D team said that in the future, the Loongson R & D team would give up the previous U.S. technology, so that loongarch could realize pure localization R & D and design, and develop a set of its own architecture instruction loongarch. The new architecture will be compatible with the previously adapted MIPS architecture scheme on the basis of self-study, so the development space is 10 It is widely distributed. The decision of Loongson is undoubtedly a boost to the domestic semiconductor industry. At the same time, “de beautification” has also begun. In fact, 100% independent design and production are the most desirable aspects for domestic consumers, and the pure domestic core is coming. Both Huawei and ZTE have suffered from the loss of self-developed technology. After these two enterprises have sounded the alarm, Loongson also decided to give up American technology. It is unexpected for bittrump to see this situation. In the end, more and more domestic enterprises have begun to strive to rise and develop their own core technologies. When they mature, I am afraid it will have a very serious impact on the US semiconductor industry. New product launch