Trump’s “wishful thinking” may fail: vaccines will not be ready before election day

Vaccine experts, after reviewing Moderna’s data, told CNN that, contrary to his prediction, the vaccine would not be ready before Trump’s election day, CNN reported. < / P > < p > CNN obtained part of an email sent by Moderna to its lead researchers in vaccine trials on Friday. It said 4536 subjects participated in the trial. < / P > < p > the trial started on the morning of July 27, and plans to recruit 30000 subjects. The company said it was “on track to complete registration in September.”. According to an email sent to researchers by Moderna, the number of registrations in September this year will not reach 30000 if it continues at the pace of the first two weeks, but the pace of recruitment may accelerate, as only 54 of the 89 websites in the study were in operation as of last Friday. Even if Moderna reaches its full registration target in September, the company will not be able to launch the vaccine before election day, infectious disease experts said. < / P > < p > this means that participants registered at the end of September will not receive a second injection until the end of October. Then they have to wait two weeks for the vaccine to be fully effective, Offit said. < / P > < p > after that, researchers have to wait to see who gets the new coronavirus and who doesn’t. Half of the study participants received the real vaccine, the other half received a placebo, or received an invalid vaccine. Neither the participants nor the vaccinated doctors knew who had received which vaccine. The National Institutes of health is cooperating with Moderna to develop a coronavirus vaccine. “I can’t comment on whether it’s realistic to complete registration by the end of September, but I do think the number of registrants per day should increase in the next few weeks compared to the previous two weeks,” said Francis Collins, NIH’s president Dr. Carl fichtenbaum, who is conducting Moderna trials at the University of Cincinnati, said he expected to start recruiting patients on his website in mid August. His goal is to recruit 500 patients, and 2500 have consulted him about the trial. On the evening of July 27, Pfizer started its phase 2 / 3 study in the United States. Albert bourla, the company’s chairman and chief executive, told the company last week that “we expect to have 30000 participants by the beginning of September”, but he did not specify whether all 30000 people would receive one or two injections by then. < p > < p > bourla added that he believed Pfizer would know whether the vaccine was effective “by the end of September and early October” and would approach the US Food and Drug Administration for regulatory review in October. He told him he hoped to get approval as soon as possible and that the vaccine would be produced and ready for distribution.

Hotez and Offit novel coronavirus pneumonia, which are both Bourla and Offit, say that the timetable for Bourla seems unlikely. Pfizer and Moderna must first vaccinated and wait for the vaccine to take effect to track the new population. Skip to content