TSMC has no choice but to cut off the supply of Huawei, but the giant is not afraid

From ZTE in those days to Huawei today, it is obvious that domestic enterprises are gradually being targeted by others. Because in recent years, China’s rapid development in the field of science and technology, whether chip R & D and manufacturing or 5g communication and development, all represent China’s strength and voice in relevant fields. Therefore, the United States also began to frequently target domestic enterprises such as Huawei in order to avoid being threatened by its leading position. < p > < p > so far, Huawei has been on the list of entities in the United States for about 15 months. In fact, in the past 15 months, the U.S. crackdown on Huawei did not pose much threat to Huawei except GMS’s interruption of supply, because Huawei could find other supply chains and accumulate technology. However, this year’s chip supply cut-off has a huge impact on Huawei. Huawei, which has suffered from the pain of the supply interruption, and Yu Chengdong, who has always been a big talker, have no confidence this time and can only accept the fact.

actually faced HUAWEI’s difficulties on the chip, many people turned to make complaints about TSMC, and thought that TSMC was obedient to the United States, and in order to protect its own interests, resolutely and resolutely gave up partners for many years, so Tse was not being tucking away by domestic consumers during this period. However, from what TSMC has done, TSMC is really afraid of the United States? Shortly after the “list of entities” was released last year, Flextronics took the initiative to cut off supplies to Huawei and seized materials. In contrast, TSMC not only did not take the initiative to cut off the power supply, but also took the initiative to express its technology share and continue to help Huawei OEM chips. After revising the rules in the United States this year, TSMC had no choice but to take the initiative to vacate production capacity for Huawei in order to deliver goods to Huawei smoothly. Under such circumstances, how many enterprises dare to do so? On the other hand, TSMC has continued to apply to the United States for permission to work for Huawei in every way. TSMC’s practices represent the emotional intersection with Huawei. Therefore, if TSMC is really afraid of the United States, it can completely cut off the supply to Huawei at the first time. It is impossible to shift the production capacity, let alone find a way to apply for cooperation. < / P > < p > since TSMC is not afraid of the United States, why did Liu Deyin say that he would not build a “beauty free production chain” and contract chips for Huawei for the time being? In fact, they are all for the benefit. As Liu Deyin said, American technology is still the most advanced in the world at present. If TSMC wants to get more orders and get more customers’ favor, it must use American technology. Therefore, for the sake of TSMC’s revenue benefit, American technology is indispensable in a short time. So it’s not fear of America. < / P > < p > and most importantly, TSMC can continue to help Huawei find ways to do so. It really depends on emotion. Although Huawei has provided a lot of revenue for TSMC, after Huawei and TSMC interrupted the cooperation, other enterprises quickly filled the capacity gap of 5nm and 7Nm orders. That is to say, after losing Huawei, TSMC’s revenue did not decrease or even increased. < / P > < p > in this case, TSMC is also willing to apply for Huawei and find a way to resume cooperation, which also proves the relationship between the two. Therefore, TSMC is not afraid of the United States in this “science and technology war”, but because it has no choice but to use American technology. While ensuring the interests, TSMC also cares about its old friendship with Huawei, so as to see this “old friend” again one day. Continue ReadingAmerican companies begin to give up R & D: who should pay for corporate research?