TSMC official announced that apple powder has received bad news for iPhone 12, and Qualcomm did not make a wrong choice this time

On September 16, apple held a press conference, but at the conference, the iPhone 12, which was expected by many people, did not appear as scheduled, which made many fruit fans very disappointed. Huawei’s mate40 series has not been released yet. It is said that Huawei and Apple will release it in mid October. It can be said that this “war” between the two sides is inevitable. Many people are looking forward to this silent war between the two sides. < / P > < p > on September 15, the ban was formally implemented. TSMC could no longer provide Huawei with chips. Huawei had previously placed an order of 15 million with TSMC. However, due to the tight time, it was not completed within the order. Finally, TSMC could only provide 8 million chips. This means that Huawei’s mate40 is bound to be out of stock, so there are many People put their expectations on the iPhone 12. < p > < p > previously, it was reported that Huawei’s shipment volume in 2021 will drop from 190 million to 50 million, while Apple’s next step is to send 80 million A14 chips from TSMC to fill the market Huawei has left behind. However, according to relevant media, TSMC’s official announcement may not be able to fulfill the 80 million Apple orders. It can only try its best to complete 74 million, and the rest can only be produced next year. < / P > < p > this means that not only Huawei will be out of stock, but Apple may also be out of stock, which is not good news for apple. Apple launched the new iPad air4 on September 16. Although it didn’t usher in the iPhone 12, the iPad air4 was the biggest highlight of the whole conference. After all, this iPad is very beautiful in appearance, and it is equipped with A14 processor with 5 nanometer technology. It is not difficult to predict that the sales volume of this iPad will not be low. < / P > < p > while the shipment of iPhone 12 decreases, so does Huawei. The rest will be sold by Xiaomi and oppo brands. The key problem is that these mobile phone manufacturers choose the chips from Qualcomm. At present, even if TSMC has the ability, it will not be able to meet the requirements of Huawei and apple. At this time, the choice of Samsung by Qualcomm has become the most sensible choice. < / P > < p > recently, Samsung has received all 5g orders from Qualcomm. In addition to the snapdragon 857 with the 5-nanometer EUV process, Samsung has also obtained 5g chips for terminals from Qualcomm. For TSMC, both Huawei and apple have a very important position. Qualcomm is very clear that it is not an opponent of Huawei and apple, so it turns to form an alliance with Huawei and reach a cooperative relationship. < p > < p > although Samsung is not as good as TSMC, it also has rollover in the process of 5 nm OEM, but this problem has been solved. According to news, Samsung’s 5-nanometer EUV has entered the stage of mass production since July this year. In addition, Samsung has made a commitment to surpass TSMC within 10 years. Samsung is definitely not just talking about it. It has officially developed in a higher direction. However, TSMC has officially prepared to start the production line, and it is said that Apple has already taken over the order of TSMC. Although TSMC has been making continuous efforts to resume the cooperation with Huawei, the United States has not let up, and TSMC has no way out. In fact, it is not difficult to see that Huawei is a very important customer for TSMC, and TSMC does not want to lose Huawei. Now, Huawei has officially entered the semiconductor field. I believe Huawei will be able to make good progress in the semiconductor field in the near future. Continue Reading865 optimization is different? These mobile phones should teach you a lesson!