TSMC officially announced that iPhone 12 ushered in “bad news”! Indeed, there is nothing wrong with Qualcomm!

This year, the competition between the major brands of flagship computers has begun. Because Huawei and apple have an endless “story”, Huawei mate 40 series and Apple iPhone 12 have become the focus of netizens’ attention. As we all know, due to the ban, TSMC had no choice but to stop accepting orders from Huawei after September 15. Huawei once placed an order with TSMC for 15 million Kirin 9000 processors. Due to the pressing production time, Huawei didn’t complete the 15 million chips, and only 8 million chips could be provided. Huawei mate40 is bound to be out of stock, and it is likely that “one machine is hard to get”! For this reason, many netizens turn their eyes to Apple’s iPhone 12. < / P > < p > previously, the media confirmed that Huawei’s shipment volume in 2021 will drop from 190 million to about 50 million. Therefore, apple placed an order of 80 million A14 chips with TSMC, aiming to fill the market vacancy created by mate40 series. However, according to the latest media report, TSMC officially announced that “it may not be able to complete the 80 million required by apple. At present, it can only complete about 74 million, and the rest can only be postponed to 2021”. For apple, the iPhone 12 is likely to be out of stock, which is bad news. Why? On September 16, Apple launched a new iPad Air4 is undoubtedly the highlight of Apple’s last press conference, not only because of its appearance, but also because it is equipped with A14 processor with 5nm technology. The higher the sales volume of air4, the more difference will be between the shipment volume of iphone12 and the expected. The remaining market vacancy of Huawei will be divided by high-tech brands such as Xiaomi, oppo, vivo and Samsung. < / P > < p > from the perspective of the capacity of Huawei Qilin 9000 and apple A14 processors, even if TSMC is fully powered on, the capacity still can not meet the requirements of Huawei and apple. This makes us realize that it is indeed right for Qualcomm to “switch over” TSMC to Samsung! Recently, Samsung has publicly announced that it has obtained all 5g chip orders from Qualcomm, including not only the Qualcomm snapdragon 875 series with the high-throughput 5nm EUV process, but also the midrange 5g chips of Qualcomm. As we all know, among TSMC’s customers, apple and Huawei occupy an important position. Qualcomm knows that it can’t compete with apple. Meanwhile, in order to win some orders for Samsung mobile phones, it can be said that it can kill two birds with one stone. < / P > < p > although Samsung has seen some rollovers in the process of 5nm OEM, the 5nm capacity problem has been solved with Samsung increasing its investment in 5nm. For Qualcomm, as long as the problem can be solved, it is better than the chip out of stock. According to the news, Samsung started 5nm in July this year EUV has entered the stage of large-scale mass production. In addition, Samsung also released its vision of 2030, aiming to surpass TSMC and become the world’s largest chip OEM enterprise by 2030. It seems that Samsung is determined to break with TSMC. < / P > < p > it is reported that TSMC’s 3nm process has begun to prepare its production line, and most of its production capacity is left to apple. However, it is not known whether Huawei will have the opportunity to obtain cooperation with TSMC again. Of course, our 3nm technology chips can appear in Huawei’s products. Come on! 865 optimization is different? These mobile phones should teach you a lesson!

Author: zmhuaxia