TSMC officially responded to Huawei! This kind of confidence comes from the fact that the iPhone 12 is out of stock in advance

Let’s talk to you today: TSMC has officially responded to Huawei! Such a solid foundation comes from the pre-sale of the iPhone 12. Is this really good for TSMC? < / P > < p > although Apple didn’t release the new iPhone 12 at the autumn conference in September, it didn’t make us wait too long. On October 14, the iPhone 12 officially met with you, and it was unanimously looked down upon before. However, what we didn’t expect was that after the release of the iPhone 12, it still attracted many people’s attention.

since the new Apple’s launch, iPhone Tucao has not stopped for iPhone 12. At the conference, it did not make complaints about the battery life of the Chinese people, and even once the battery capacity was once again reduced. For A14 processor, cook did not give more description, and did not mention how much performance improvement. < p > < p > and apple has cancelled free headphones and chargers under the pretext of “environmental protection”. All sorts of shortcomings summed up, always let people feel that this time the iPhone 12 lacks some sincerity, and the outside world is not optimistic about the sales of iPhone 12. However, the final result was beyond the expectation of many people. On October 16, the first pre-sale of iPhones began, and all major platforms sold out quickly. It is reported that the number of appointments on one platform alone has reached 1.5 million. If the data of the official website and other platforms are added, the number of appointments is absolutely shocking. < / P > < p > it is obvious that this is a blind worship of the “strong”. Apple’s marketing strategy is undoubtedly successful. There is an impression in the minds of Chinese people that as long as the iPhone produced by Apple company is good, no matter what shortcomings are circulated in the outside world, many people can accept it. < / P > < p > in such an environment, the attitude of the United States towards Huawei and that of the Chinese towards apple is easy to generate negative emotions. Is the iPhone 12 really so fragrant? The crazy sales of iPhone 12 will further reduce the market of domestic mobile phones, and at the same time, it will also undermine their confidence in entering the field of high-end smart phones, which is extremely unfavorable for us. < / P > < p > on the face of it, TSMC has become the biggest winner, the iPhone The hot sale of 12 can also guarantee the continuous output of TSMC’s 5nm production line. Although Huawei has lost its big customer, it has made it clear that there is no plan to provide chips to China in the fourth quarter. As long as TSMC serves Apple wholeheartedly, it can make up for the loss caused by the lack of Huawei orders to a certain extent. < / P > < p > under relevant restrictions, all companies that have cooperation with Huawei’s 5g and mobile phone business are restricted from cooperating with Huawei. Therefore, TSMC also stopped supplying Huawei’s chips after September 15. < / P > < p > although Huawei is the second largest customer of TSMC, the president of TSMC, Wei Zhejia, has made it clear that there is no plan to continue to supply goods to China in the fourth quarter. Without relevant authorization, the cooperation between TSMC and Huawei will become history. < / P > < p > Where does TSMC’s firm attitude come from? Obviously, it comes from the support of Chinese people for iPhone 12. As we all know, only TSMC can manufacture the 5nm chips needed for iPhone 12. The sales of iPhone 12 are guaranteed to a certain extent, which means that TSMC will have a steady stream of orders, which is the source of TSMC’s full confidence. < / P > < p > if there is no accident, Apple’s chip orders must be delivered to TSMC for production, and a large number of orders from Apple can already meet the capacity of TSMC. However, TSMC still needs to consider a problem. At present, Apple needs some high-end chips, and the demand for medium and low-end chips is very small, and other customers still need to make up for this part of capacity. As the second largest customer of TSMC, Huawei was able to meet the demand of high-end chips and medium and low-end chips at the same time, and the demand is very large. After losing Huawei as a customer, it is basically impossible to find a similar customer. Therefore, the loss of Huawei is inevitable for TSMC. Therefore, TSMC can not fundamentally solve the problem. After all, most of TSMC’s revenue comes from the middle and low-end markets. In a word, it can be concluded that “TSMC thinks things too simple. Huawei is not so easy to be knocked down, and apple is not as powerful as it imagined.” What do you think of this? 865 optimization is different? These mobile phones should teach you a lesson!