Tucao is still popular. What make complaints about iPhone12 users?

After the release of the iPhone 12, it has set off a high degree of heat in the mobile phone market. At the same time, due to some restrictions, it is only possible to go to the offline market for selection. Some subsidies on the line are hardly seen. Even so, it can not block the enthusiasm of mobile phone users. From the release to now, many mobile phone users have already put on the iphone12, even the first break of the whole network has appeared, and some mobile phone users’ evaluation has appeared, such as the right angle edge design, some hands breaking, no charger, headset and matching questions. Mobile phone

make complaints about so many tucking noises as a high-end flagship phone. It is really rare. That is to say, even if Tucao is still popular with users, what are the mentality of users who make complaints about iPhone12 now? It is important to know that the recent problems of the iPhone 12 are frequent. For example, the magnetic force inside the iPhone 12 will damage some magnetic cards, that is, demagnetization. Even the official thinks that the magnetic absorption function may cause some cards to be damaged. The mobile phone market of

and some famous personalities tested iPhone12’s unsustainable ability to open 5G. So we can make complaints about iPhone12 in the mobile phone market. But surprisingly, some users give their own reasons for their choice and say what the reason why they choose the iPhone 12. Let’s take a look at it. According to some users, the reason why they chose the iPhone 12 is to support 5g network for the first time. They think that they chose iPhone 12 and don’t worry about the outdated problems in the next three to five years. The baseband is replaced by Qualcomm. Apple explains that the iPhone 11 signal collapse is the baseband problem of Intel signal. This year, apple reconciles with Qualcomm and uses Qualcomm baseband. It is only a pity that the iPhone 12 signal fluctuates greatly, and there will be no signal or weak signal in a while. After restart, it is found that the signal is OK again, but it will not work after a while. This needs to be optimized later. There are many mobile phone users who are running for IOS system and A14 processor. Although the battery capacity of the iPhone 12 has been reduced this year, it has been used longer than the iPhone 11 due to the low power consumption of A14 processor. The official version of IOS 14 has been released, which can bring more excellent use feeling in the experience, and the new system also has a new UI interface, which is also the place where users have the desire to choose. The most important thing is that IOS system and A-Series processor have been very powerful all the time, even when it comes to the iPhone 12, it is no doubt that it is one of the main users’ choices. The details of the iPhone 12 also have great improvement. For example, the screen viewing is enhanced, which means that the immersion and suspension are stronger. Because of the increasing of OLED, it is obviously narrowed and the positive visual effect is really very good. There are also great upgrades in the area of photography. < p > the front camera is 12 megapixels, and the camera with super wide angle can play the utmost and the imaging ability is greatly improved. However, the cable is no longer a USB interface, but a USB type-C interface. The problem is that most consumers and families need to buy the type-C plug again. As for the above, the mentality of each mobile phone user choosing iphone12 is different, just like some people choose high-end flagship phones for use because of their quality, and others like price-effective models. So we should not take our own perspective to see the difference of other users’ treatment of products, just need to know why others choose and whether they have the choice needs. Skip to content