Turn to find beautiful machine United 818 war report: B2C business in the first hour to sell more than 7000 mobile phones

Following the breakthrough of 9600 orders of mobile phone C2B business and occupying the first position in the second-hand recycling market a few days ago, the group’s B2C business has made another good achievement in the 818 e-commerce promotion activities.

on August 19, Zhuanzhuan group released the campaign report of “transfer & amp;;; looking for beautiful machines and 818” campaign: from 8:00 p.m. on August 17 to 24:00 p.m. on August 18, B2C business turnover reached 67 million, and 34000 orders were paid, including more than 7000 Mobile phones sold in the first hour.

in order to meet consumers’ demand for second-hand transactions and help them buy reliable mobile phones and digital products, Zhuanzhuan group also launched the “transfer & amp;;; find a good machine and unite with 818” in the 818 e-commerce promotion.

in this promotion, the transfer group’s turn and find beautiful machine platform launched attractive preferential activities, including “super red envelope subsidy”, “1 yuan second kill mobile phone”, “mobile phone 5 fold”, “popular 3C digital as low as 3% off”, which also ignited the enthusiasm of users for second-hand transactions.

according to the 818 war report data of Zhuanzhuan group, from 8:00 p.m. on August 17 to 24:00 p.m. on August 18, the B2C business has been booming all the way, with the final transaction amount of 67 million and the payment of 34000 orders.

according to the 818 war report data of Zhuanzhuan group, more than 30000 mobile phones have been sold in the 28 hours of promotion activities in zhuanzhuanzhuan and Liangji. Among them, more than 7000 units were sold in the first hour of the promotion on the evening of August 17.

from the perspective of popular models, Apple’s iPhone is still the king of the second-hand market. The top three mobile phone brands in the mobile phone transaction list of the group’s B2C business are apple, Huawei and Xiaomi.

in this promotion activity, the top 3 models of mobile phone trading are iphone11, iphonexr and iphone8 plus. The iPhone 7 and iPhone x, which once dominated the promotion list for a long time, were squeezed out of the top three. In addition, the four major brands of huami OV and Yijia mobile phones also performed well. Huawei’s P30, Xiaomi 10 and oppo find X were popular with consumers.

in addition to the mobile phone business, 3C digital products are also popular in this “transfer & amp; find beautiful machine union 818” promotion activity. According to the 818 war report of Zhuanzhuan group, the top three products of digital 3C sales are apple ipad, apple airpods headset and Xiaomi notebook.

in order to make it convenient for consumers to exchange and purchase mobile phones, Zhuanzhuan group has launched “price increase recycling” and “price increase for old for new” activities aimed at mobile phone C2B business in this “transfer & amp; find beautiful machine joint 818” promotion activity, which is popular among users.

the above activities not only bring blind box welfare to consumers, but also help consumers sell their old mobile phones at a high price. In addition, with the use of coupons on the platform of transferring and finding beautiful machines, it is more economical to buy mobile phones.

it is worth noting that just a few days ago, the daily receiving volume of the group’s mobile phone C2B business exceeded 9600 orders, surpassing the “high level” of 7000-8000 units of other platforms in the second-hand recycling industry, and has won the first place in the second-hand recycling market.

in addition to efficient drainage and transformation, in terms of recycling channels, the transfer group has recently begun to comprehensively undertake Tencent’s Micro recycling mobile phone recycling service, and is further expanding the customer acquisition channel of mobile phone C2B business.

at the same time, the product mode upgrading of the transferred products has also performed well. The mobile phone warranty service launched half a year ago has replaced the traditional recycling, mainly sold to individuals, and linked with the retail terminal to achieve higher price than recycling, which has won the recognition of more and more C-end users, directly driving the significant increase in the volume of C2B business.

whether it is the previous mobile phone C2B business or the B2C business in the promotion activities, Zhuanzhuan group is constantly optimizing the user service experience to undertake the online traffic transformation brought by the burst of second-hand consumption demand, and make the flow play its value through good products and services.

as the only second-hand trading platform in the industry that can provide high-quality services for consumers, Zhuanzhuan group’s zhuanzhuanzhuan and Xianliang machines have unified the standards of quality inspection, quality assurance and other service systems, and further aligned the product rating and price, so that users can enjoy higher discounts and better services in the two platforms.

for example, in terms of quality assurance services, the purchase of self operated digital 3C products of the transfer group can enjoy a 180 day warranty service, while strictly selecting self owned second-hand mobile phones can enjoy a 365 day warranty.

in the past promotion activities, the stable supply chain system of the group has also played an important role. At present, the major domestic suppliers have established in-depth cooperation with the transfer group to ensure sufficient supply of goods for the platform.

at present, the transfer group has established multi-mode business and services covering C2C / c2b2c / C2B / B2C and B2B, and it is the only second-hand e-commerce in the industry that truly establishes ecological and industrial closed-loop. According to the release of Aurora big data, among the apps dominated by second-hand mobile phone transactions, the first is transferred to dau, and the second is to find a beautiful machine, which is 34 times and 14 times more than the third place respectively, which is firmly in the first place in the second-hand mobile phone industry. In the new economic cycle, Zhuanzhuan group will continue to provide users with more reassuring and worry free second-hand trading services, help you buy high-quality and low-cost goods, meet diversified consumer demand, and promote the vigorous development of the whole second-hand trading industry. Continue ReadingDeveloped a “plug and play” solar power generation scheme, and “5B” won a $12 million round a financing

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