Twin sisters to play mobile phones, came up with a “pass the edict” trick, netizens: really enlarge the move

Now mobile phones are indispensable to everyone’s life. Whether it is entertainment or learning with mobile phones, and electronic payment has brought convenience to our life. But it also brings us temptation. People are used to playing with their mobile phones in their spare time. Even children can skillfully use smart phones, and play for hours. < / P > < p > in order to play with mobile phones, children also come up with all kinds of “tricks” to ask for mobile phones from their parents. Recently, a pair of twin sisters on Weibo even “preached” in order to play with their mobile phones, so that their father had to hand over their mobile phones. In the video, dad is sitting at the table. The twins are holding hands and holding a piece of paper. They are skipping to Dad. Then he showed the paper to Dad. It turns out that this piece of paper is actually “imperial edict”, which says “the edict: give my granddaughter a moment to play with my mobile phone”, or it was given by grandma herself to let the two little princesses convey it. The two sisters were white and lovely. After giving the “edict” to Dad, their big black eyes flickered. Also with a proud smile on his face, one of the small cute also happily twisted up the body, it is so cute. “< p > < p > netizens left messages on their microblogs:” it’s OK to cheat me into giving birth to a daughter, but they also cheat me into giving birth to twins. ” “Is it possible to resist or disobey the order “The two little babies are so cute and smart that they know how to ask grandma to help them.” < / P > < p > it’s OK for children to play with mobile phones. But everything needs a degree. Children’s excessive use of mobile phones also has many hazards. < / P > < p > many children nowadays have a pair of glasses on the bridge of their noses. Most of the reasons are that children have been facing the screen, watching TV and playing with mobile phones for a long time. A survey of 1000 children has found that 80.4% of children aged 0-5 use smart phones. Among them, 32.5% of children started to play mobile phones at the age of 3! Children’s eye development has not yet been shaped, excessive use of eyes will damage the child’s vision. Even dry eyes, eye fatigue, retinal damage and other conditions. < / P > < p > playing games for a long time is not good for children’s neck and spine. Because play mobile phone basically want to bow head, nest on the bed next, sofa. Poor sitting posture will make the child has not yet developed a good cervical spine and spinal curvature, easy to make the child hunchback. But when the child grows up, the skeleton is thoroughly shaped, bow head hunchback is very difficult to change. It makes people feel that the child has no spirit. < p > < p > after investigation and research, it is found that children who are obsessed with mobile phones do not like to communicate with others. Their personality is easy to be anxious and depressed, and their temper will become more and more irritable. Moreover, children who play with mobile phones for a long time will have thinner cerebral cortex and perform worse in language and reasoning tests, which will not only cause obesity, but also have the risk of 12 common cancers. If children play with mobile phones for a long time, their brain will lose a lot of opportunities for activity and thinking, and they will not be able to conduct good interpersonal activities. In the long run, children will be rigid thinking, and do not know how to get along with others. This is a great hindrance to the development of children’s character, easy to make children become introverted, cowardly, selfish and irritable. < / P > < p > children love to play with mobile phones, even addicted. This is also a headache for many parents. But parents might as well think about why there is such a phenomenon? Isn’t it because adults are often obsessed with playing with mobile phones and have no time to accompany their children to play, or are they afraid that children will make trouble, so they just use a mobile phone to kill them? Children are addicted to mobile phones, and a large part of them are influenced by their parents. Children need the company of their parents. But children don’t need that kind of “perfunctory” company. Just stay in one place with your kids and do your own thing. It doesn’t give the child a sense of security and company. Love children, do not really want to let children and mobile phone only for company, please parents also put down the mobile phone, really accompany children to study, play, cultivate interests and hobbies. Only in this way can children be truly happy. Science Discovery