Two shots is worth four shots! Xiaomi’s mobile phone lens can easily take wide-angle photos

Recently, a patent of Xiaomi mobile camera module exposed by foreign media letsgodital has caused a lot of heated discussion. In the patent, the mobile phone can realize wide-angle shooting with only two cameras, and the picture quality is higher, which really excites many rice noodles and mobile phone enthusiasts. < / P > < p > although there are more and more cameras on many smartphones, it seems to have reached the maximum number so far. Mobile phone manufacturers continue to seek new innovations to take smartphone photography to a new level without increasing the number of cameras. < p > < p > letsgodigital has recently exposed a patent of Xiaomi called “camera module and terminal”. The camera module in the patent allows users to create a larger perspective to take high-quality wide-angle photos with only two cameras. The technology can also capture “continuous multi frame images,” and tilt cameras can capture smooth, dynamic images without using a mobile device. < / P > < p > although the two cameras on the patent image are placed horizontally with each other, it is clear from the accompanying documentation that the technology can also be used with a vertically placed camera system. Counterpoint announced top 5 best selling models: domestic iPhone 11 tops the list